What's the dumbest thing you own? Mine is either a medieval arming sword or a 1948 NFL Championship ring

@Thomas I bought it because I thought I remembered liking it when I saw it in theaters with my movie-theater buds back in college. Then I watched it and realized that wasn't true, and I've held onto it as a reminder

@Thomas i currently own three guitars that are unplayable because i can't be bothered to reassemble them

@BDA did you buy them saying "I will assemble these and enjoy them"?

@Thomas they were complete guitars when i bought them, i then disassembled them for various reasons and they remain disassembled to this day

@Thomas I only have 475 characters so I can list them all but probably my model Avro Vulcan bomber

@whiskeysailor if models count as dumb I am the dumbest person alive

@Thomas depends on the model, model tall sailing ships are Uber cool

@Thomas also it was made by me or painted by me but pre made and painted

@whiskeysailor all mine are built and painted by me and I’m not sure if that makes them more dumb or less

@Thomas a rubber praying mantis about a foot long, or a rubber prop severed arm, both bought for the purpose of decoration and/or prop humor

@Thomas these are the two dumbest things I own and I would die for them.

@Thomas I have a professional costuming dressform. it's worth like $150, I've had it since high school, and I have not used it even once.

@Thomas a $40 bootleg steely Dan shirt. Three $40 bootleg steely Dan shirts by the same artist actually

@alex @Thomas okay that one's hilarious (to a v small subset of us in the world but still)

@alex @Thomas @djsundog my wife got me this shirt a few years ago and it's been a major letdown that, so far, nobody has ever visibly gotten either half of the joke

@Thomas I guess in terms of space-taken-up to practicality ratio, the bass drum I bought from craigslist a few years ago is right up there

@Thomas yeah if I’m being 100% honest with myself, my theremin (one of my all-time Craigslist triumphs) is among the dumbest things I own

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Thomas owning a theremin makes you the coolest person in any given room

@Thomas 200 lbs. of disassembled baby furniture that sits in our attic.

Not dumb that we had to own it. Dumb that we *still* own it.


Where do I start…

…this feels like a very loaded question.

@jefftheworld I mean, you're the only one that knows the things you own so it's as loaded as you'd like it to be!

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