Going downtown for dinner with just like in the Before Times


The world famous Arcade. @kiosk you may recall this from Mystery Train

Hoping to get killed by a trolley tonight so my family will be set for life

It’s my 11th wedding anniversary so we ate at a stupid fancy restaurant

Breakfast at Arcade. They had a Mystery Train poster on the wall, of course

Here’s part of a picture of downtown in 1947 that shows the Malco theater. They were playing Law Comes to Gunsight a movie that has 0 views on Letterboxd because you can’t even buy it

@Thomas I want to visit that museum (that and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice)

@Cyborgneticz Memphis is the greatest city in the world and I will not hear otherwise

@Thomas I mean it’s you or ten strangers, that’s what they’re telling me at this switching station

@Thomas imagine trying to find and watch this movie only to learn it kinda sucks

@CyclopsCaveman it’s less than an hour long, I could power through it

@yo yeah, we have some of the best food in the world, no joke

@Thomas S tier shit. Actually unbeatable unless you travel outside the country

@Thomas but for real Ive loved Memphis the 6 or so times I've been. A lot of culture and distinctiveness

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