Some people are saying this might be fake and to those people I say, it also might be real

@Thomas let thee who have not opened CANSas City email cast the first stone

@Thomas wow I haven't actually lol'd in awhile but this got me

President: how did they get control of the nukes!
SoD: well...I guess I'm just such a Chiefs fan and it was a lonely night at the office so...

@Thomas it's definitely true, it'll just be suppressed in the future because it's too strong a tactic for the public to be allowed to know about

@Thomas i can confirm it's true because i was the guy fooled by it :/

@Thomas it matches real attacks in that they usually start with a bunch of spear phishing and that's definitely an email that would have worked. i believe it

@Thomas I'm like 90% sure this is misinfo since I couldn't find the source in the image

I saw this on Twitter too, and the post author kept hiding any replies that said this

Independent of whether this is true or not: it is possible. That is the phishing mechanism: send such an e-mail to 1000 employees. If the company has an incredible intelligence quota of 99.9%... Still one is clicking on it.

And this is dump phishing. If it is done well (e.g. using stolen data and using machine learning to create plausible stories), I'll click on it too. We will need more intelligent mechanisms in order to avoid this.

@phil_s I think that's what makes it funny to me. Like there are 100% people in my office that would get fooled by CANSas City, whether or not that's specifically the email that caught out the pipeline

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