In Star Trek everyone fucks aliens, no problem, but in Star Wars they've never revealed this

@Thomas while hanging upside-down wrapped around another Hutt blowing up a giant sperm sac

@Thomas yeah I never know if him keeping human/humanoid women around is supposed to be normal or if everyone's like "man... Jabba's got such a weird human fetish"

@wicche it might just be like, the trappings of wealth? Like he has a pet princess. But I think he wants to smash worst of all they're basically a slug so they probably just throw their penis at another slug and call it a day.

@finn I'd like to think he wanted to include this information but was shot down by the people around him saying it was a bad idea

@finn Every piece of Star Wars Rule 34 art online was drawn by George Lucas

@Thomas Because Lucas doesn't have the chops to tackle coming up with a safeword system for "going past the speed of light and turning into lizards".

nerd answer 

@Thomas star trek made up retcon reasons for how all aliens were just humans with weird ridges (like the teleporter this was just done for cheap 60s tv budget reasons) whereas star wars always had out-there alien designs and never suggested that aliens and humans were compatible

Rape, Star Wars 

@Thomas Darth Plagueis is Muun and force-raped Anakin's human mom. Does that count?

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