Like ideally they wouldn't even really mention where it's set

I like Animal House because the only indication of setting is a random TN flag in a courtroom.

@Thomas @radicalrobit yea if we’re counting Missouri then, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing. If we’d count Texas there’s No Country for Old Men.

@Tanuki @radicalrobit I think No Country the fact that it’s in the South is plot relevant though

@Thomas @radicalrobit ok yea, I guess they make a bit of a big deal of it.

@Thomas look I live in NY state, everything is The South™ to me

October Sky
Blue Velvet
Apollo 13
Hidden Figures
(Ok, probably anything about NASA)
Magic Mike

@Thomas does O Brother Where Art Thou count

it could technically happen anywhere

@douglasfur All the TVA stuff is pretty specifically southern though.

@douglasfur I think what I mean is like, Baby Driver where there's no indication it's in GA really at all. It could be set in LA and the movie would be identical

@Thomas My parents freaked out when we went to the roof of the Peabody

"wow this is where they filmed THE FIRM wow"

@Thomas They loved the ducks, I loved the ducks

the ducks are perfect

I might have a little keychain that has the ducks on it and when you tilt it, they all slide to one side like they're on parade

@douglasfur I mean, it necessarily takes place at Talladega, so no

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