Hey y'all! I'm going to do a little bonus morning painting stream! Drop in if you want to listen to chill music and watch me paint and talk too much



Thanks so much for dropping into the b-b-bonus hour! I really enjoyed the chat and having y’all support me. It means so much

If you’re interested at all, I could teach you to paint using this method, with equally good results, in about 5 minutes. It’s wildly easy and turns out so well! I’ll be streaming again tonight at 9 PM CST

Some people are really intimidated by the painting side of the hobby and it keeps them playing with grey plastic or from participating altogether! My goal is to increase the number of hobbyists in the world. Even if you’re casually interested in painting I’d love to see you tonight

We're at it again! Come through and hang out while I paint miniature orks. There's chill music and good vibes and sometimes it gets chatty which I like. Hope to see you there!


@phillyis I’m really pleased with the way the skin turned out. I’ll definitely use this method on future orks

@Thomas wish I could have caught it, still no wireless headphones for the office

@phillyis it’s cool, no worries! It was a surprisingly good turnout for a unscheduled bonus stream in the middle of a work day

@infernusgoatus they hit like a freight train in the game. The sculpts are gorgeous and I’m having a ball painting them

@Thomas I especially dig the sculpt detail on the trophy heads, that is amazing stuff

@infernusgoatus there’s even more detail than you can see here because the white kind of obscures it. I’ll be painting them soon and I’ll make sure it really pops

@dirt @Thomas I don't really know what this means, but I'm contractually obligated to boost it

@Thomas @Timmy ok it's a riff on the documentary tim's vermeer but ibstead of recreating a Johannes Vermeer painting, it's a Thomas

@dirt @Timmy the *only* difference between me and Vermeer is that he’s dead, so I can understand the comparison

@dirt @Thomas ah I see, so I have to tune into the stream and make a documentary about the painting on display

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