Last time I did this people answered (for whatever reason) with the one that they thought they were most like, but which is the best is what I want to know (also the correct answer is Raph, the only turtle with a character arc)

who tf chooses Donatello, what world is this, what's going on

@Thomas i chose donatello because he's the indistinct one that kind of blends into the background, which is how i like to think of myself

@Thomas realising now i have misread the question and ruined the results, apologies. i would have said mike is the best

@Thomas Donnie is the chill guy who isn't as high-strung as Leo or Raph and still manages to be serious enough to get shit done, unlike Mike. He's got the most balance. Also he's got a big stick.

@infernusgoatus big stick is arguably the best turtle weapon given how they use them

@Thomas look you can kill a guy with a stick, and it's arguably more brutal than a sword or a sai

@Thomas @infernusgoatus Did you ever play the (incredibly hard and frustrating) TMNT game on NES? where you could switch between the 4 turtles and each had a separate life bar? Donatello was so much better than the other three (because of the Bo's reach) that you'd have to carefully conserve his life bar to save him for boss fights

@Thomas leonardo is the best because he has the best weapon by a wide margin

@ttle he never kills anyone though. Really makes them kind of lame when you think about it.

@Thomas "The best weapon is the one you never have to fire" - Tony Stark

@Thomas I'm deliberately ruining this poll by answering in terms of the actual painters

@Thomas I guess it's true that the painters are also characters... from history :ted:

@Thomas Please distort the results by responding with your favorite of the artists the turtles are named after instead.

@alexbuzzbee I cannot prove that the painter Raphael was not a turtle. I have no way of knowing that

@Thomas This just in Raphael of Urbino only painter with character arc

@Thomas okay it's at least silly that Raphael is the the one bringing up the rear here, who thinks Leonardo is better than Raphael?

@Thomas You are still face picture avatar on my phone. You may use this fact as a scapegoat if you so wish.

@alexbuzzbee I will, thanks. You need to get me updated! I have a cool Shaw Bros gif now

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