Just saw a stranger post this on Twitter and get over 1k likes lmao

I’m not saying I want credit or anything but it’s funny to see something you made in the wild like that

@theotheroracle @Thomas You wouldn't want to be here. Hip California coastal college town. $3k a month for a studio apartment and ZERO jobs that could even remotely pay rent. Also, systemically racist against chicanos, but "BLM" their microscopic black community with signs in windows like mezzuzahs, with prayers to the window-smashing gods to puhleeese 'pass over' them.

@Thomas @theotheroracle Yup. As someone born and raised in Brooklyn but lived in towns of 5,000 as well, I'm REALLY SICK of 'hick bashing'. My hood in brooklyn circa early 60s was just as racist as the South is made out to be, and so was California.

@Thomas Um, I posted that image on Tumblr and it got over 24k notes already.

@Thomas I mean, notes are shares (with and without additions), likes, and comments all together, and there are some people with shitty takes, but most of it is just likes and shares without comment and a few people complaining about the shitty takes.

I'm pretty sure it's an order of magnitude more notes than any other post that originated on my blog.

@Thomas Now that I think about it, I posted Universal's fake teaser trailer for Jaws 19 back in 2015 and that might've been more popular.

You can get some sense of what's going on in the notes from the list under the post, but you don't get the full scope of the commentary. tparadox.tumblr.com/post/64459

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