Draw me a frog that's not thrilled about the snow

@alex @Thomas I'm working on a theory that Hypnotoad is actually a bullfrog, I'm gonna blow this thing wide open

@Pixley @Thomas you were so hypnotized that you thought a frog was a damn toad

@alex @Pixley I think a toad is a frog and we've been lied to about this

@Thomas @alex seems like it could be a real berry/drupe situation

@kiosk thank you, I am glad you like my grouchy friend

@Thomas i tried to color them in a bit and it made the outline of the legs disappear but enjoy my terrible sketch

a humble offering 

@saladeredux Gosh I love how cranky this frog is

a humble offering 

@saladeredux @Thomas this frog is about to star in a Mario skinned remake of Doki Doki Panic

@Louisa I love that this frog already had the mug on hand. This is not their first snow and not their first time being cranky about it

@Louisa @Thomas i made an embroidery for my dad of a shark with this quote lmao

@Louisa @Thomas this was an early embroiderh so dont mind the horrible spacing hahaha i ended up having to edit the quote bc of it bahahah

@Louisa @Thomas also lil cute #brag my dad made the inner two layers of the frame and my late grandfather had made the outerframe for another project before he passed so my dad turned this into a 3 generation piece :')

@Thomas thicc frog remembered their gloves muffs and boots this time but theyre still not happy

@Pixley @Thomas sometimes my day at work is slow and I have post-it notes

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