@Thomas I'm currently watching Twin Peaks for the first time and I literally clap my hands with glee every time he appears on screen

@Pixley I just watched it for the first time last year! What do you think so far?

@Thomas mostly I'm surprised by how funny it is! We're currently bogged down toward the end of the second season, where everyone is just kind of wandering around in separate plots, but I'm still really looking forward to getting to the Return

@Pixley I never watched The Return because I don't have Showtime or ready access to it anywhere, but I'll get around to it some day

@Thomas oh I'm just gonna borrow Sarah's bluray copy, haha

@Thomas @Pixley *barging in* THE RETURN IS THE BESTTTT (also Thomas your library might have it when you get around to it)

@Thomas This somehow reminds me of the Dough Boys in "Johnny the homicidal maniac".. 🤔

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