Do you have a driver鈥檚 license?

@Thomas I said yes but thinking I should have said yes but I don't drive as I haven't actually driven a car since October 2019. I do actually enjoy driving sometimes (scenic or lonely road)

@Thomas I rarely drive because I'm not well enough and I don't think it's right to drive a several tonne object that can kill people if I'm not able to focus.

So on the odd occasion, I might drive, but very rarely now.

@Thomas in absolute awe and respect for the brave souls in the last category

@Thomas yeah, people forgetting to fav after voting happens alot but not faving when they boost *and* not faving when they vote is odd

@Thomas what, am I gonna fav a poll like some kinda goody two shoes

@Thomas oh yeah, this is definitely my favorite thing where I gotta look in my wallet and then report what I found

@Thomas lived in the middle of nowhere of the Midwest for most my life so by necessity yes

@Thomas i put yes cuz i do have one but it's suspended and i'm uninsured because i'm poor lol

@Thomas I love driving but I'm so generally anxious and antisocial that I only ever have reason to drive my own self to work and back :\

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