Hey, I've been a liiiittle drawn back from masto lately for a few reasons, but I think I'm doing ok. Got my ears pierced and I feel great this morning :) how r u?

@baronnarcveldt I'm great! How are the ears feeling? I'm terrified of that kind of thing (piercings/tattoos) because I'm afraid of any kind of permanence lol


The permanence is weird! But the pain is fine. The tool makes a big click sound that managed to distract from the initial pain. Then it felt like a pinch for a few hours. It's fine. I just have to keep it clean for 3 weeks.
I don't think anyone should feel bad for getting or not getting it done. It's just a thing 🤷

@baronnarcveldt oh for sure I think people should feel good about both! I love tattoos I'm just a big chicken

@Ophillous Bees! Even though we've already been chatting it's always great to see you

@Thomas it's always great to see you too!! Also I'm legally bound to say good morning back to my friends if they say good morning to/near me

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