The world is so fucked up right now and I'm doing my best to raise a kid. Fucking sucks

We talked about racism last night and it struck me both how innocent he was and how protected he is by his privilege despite not having any concept of what that means

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He didn't really understand that the black and biracial people in our family have a different life experience than we do. His Uncle Robert is just Uncle Robert. Why would anyone treat him differently?

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His cousin Robbie is just his cousin. His best friend Chance is just Chance. He kept asking "But how does racism work?"

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Like "why would anyone do that?" and I didn't really have a great answer other than, "some people are taught and sometimes it's just part of the way the world works". I'm not sure I'm equipped to discuss structural racism with a 6 year old

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So we're doing our best I guess. We got a book that talks about it. And he has studied the civil rights movement so has said "like how black people had different water fountains" and I had to explain that this still happens despite the water fountains being the same. He read his book about that last night.

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A thing about Memphis is that any museum you go to is going to mention the sanitation strike and Dr. King so he's been exposed to racism conceptually. We haven't taken him to the Civil Rights museum yet but I'm not totally sure he'll understand.

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@Thomas you can discuss the famous eye color racism study, where it was very easy to convince children that all brown-eyed people were worse and deserve to be persecuted

@fakemaxkeeble I'm the only one in the house with brown eyes so hopefully he doesn't buy in, lmao

@Thomas I really love how kids show us just how arbitrary racism is, but it's also heartbreaking

@Cyborgneticz He just didn't get it at all. His two best friends are black and it has never come up between them because why would it?

@Thomas Absolutely it just wouldn't. My nephew is biracial and he is just beginning to understand that people see him and his friends differently, and it

@Cyborgneticz yeah my brother is black and was recently talking about how he's going to have "the talk" with his son. A thing that his dad had with him and on and on for generations

@Thomas my nephew doesn't have a figure like that in his life, which makes me so worried. ugh it's just all bad and upsetting and just dfjhdjkfhjskdf

@Thomas my parents did this with us at some point when I was a kid and I had the same response. And honestly it wasn't even until I was an adult that I really thought about how different my cousins lives as biracial kids named Hassan and Lailah were very different from ours despite us being together pretty much every day. It might take that long for your kid too, idk, but he'll get it.

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