I had a real high level dad moment just the other day when I was casually chatting with my wife about how purchasing a new spool cap for my trimmer had significantly reduced jams at the expense of line efficiency so I was burning through more spools than normal.

@Thomas ah i just ordered both a string trimmer and a leaf mulcher (which is basically just a string trimmer in a funnel) and it is not an exaggeration to say i am thrilled that they both use the same gauge of trimmer wire, so i ordered a really fancy spool (echo black diamond)

@alex hell yeah nothing like having the right tools for the job

@Thomas @alex y’all are almost inspiring me to do a bunch of trimming that I’ve been putting off. Almost!

@redoak @alex my secret is that I love yard work so I’m always looking for an excuse

@Thomas @redoak please look at these mugs these dudes had on their tool review youtube show that i just watched

@Thomas lawn care and economizing around the house, the two most dad concerns in existence

@robotcarsley I love working in the yard and the hard work is really cathartic and seeing everything neat and trim by my hand is incredibly satisfying

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