Trying to help my friend Larry Csonka to reset his email password but he can't even remember his email address

We got it sorted (finally). Doing tech support for a 65 year old man via Mastodon DM is not an easy task

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@larrydavis He said he needs to check for a response to his Plugger submissions

oh, that asshole. sorry i missed the first post

i can tell you that current Pluggers comics are referencing the pandemic, and i never saw his submission, so it was probably ignored

@larrydavis he got an email in response but it was basically just "I've got your submission, thanks"

hard to imagine there are so many pluggers out there that they wouldn't use it

@larrydavis I'm wondering if he has to answer some questions first or whatever

itd be like the age quiz at the beginning of Leisure Suit Larry

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