Bond Awards :oscar:

Best Actor: Daniel Craig
Best Supporting Actor: Peter Sellers
Best Actress: Eva Green
Best Supporting Actress: Judi Dench

Worst Actor: George Lazenby
Worst Supporting Actor: Woody Allen
Worst Actress: Halle Berry
Worst Supporting Actress: Denise Richards

Best Soundtrack: Casino Royale (67)
Best Theme: Live and Let Die
Worst Theme: too many to count

Best Villain: Telly Sevalas as Blofeld
Best Villain 2: Mads Mikkelson as Le Chiffre
Best Villain 3: Christopher Walken as Max Zorin

Most Racist: Live and Let Die
2nd Most Racist: You Only Live Twice
3rd Most Racist: Casino Royale (1967)

Best Felix Leiter: Jeffrey Wright
Best M: Judi Dench
Best Q: Desmond Llewelyn
Best Bond: Sean Connery

Best Picture: Goldeneye
Worst Picture: Live and Let Die

Bond Rankings

1. Connery (62-67)
2. Brosnan (Goldeneye)
3. Daniel Craig)
4. Brosnan (97-02)
5. Timothy Dalton
6. Connery (71)
7. Roger Moore
8. David Niven
9. Lazenby

Best Connery: Thunderball
Worst Connery: Diamonds are Forever
Best/Worst Lazenby: OHMSS
Best Moore: From Russia With Love
Worst Moore: For Your Eyes Only
Best Dalton: The Living Daylights
Worst Dalton: There’s only one other, it’s fine
Best Brosnan: Goldeneye
Worst Brosnan: The World is Not Enough
Best Craig: Casino Royale
Worst Craig: QoS

Best Quip: Brosnan, “I thought Christmas only came once a year” - The World is Not Enough

Best Fight: Brosnan, sword fight in Die Another Day

Ranked in order of “Who could kick my ass the hardest”


Best Bond Girl: Ursula Andress
Best Bond Girl Name: Pussy Galore (was there ever any doubt)

Forgot to mention the most important thing about Connery is how often he is at a massive disadvantage that he has to overcome. That’s why he’s great. He gets beat up a lot.

CORRECTION: I, a fool, did this whole series of posts from memory and accidentally selected From Russia With Love for Moore, a film he is not in. The correct Best Moore is The Spy Who Loved Me. I’m sure you can see how one could make that mistake.

@garfiald what?! That fight feels more real than most fight prior. The pre-Dalton Bond movies are so camp I can’t call the fights good. Watch this escalate:

@Thomas im not claiming its not great! i guess it depends on what your definition of "fight" is, if you dont have time for camp then i am a staunch defender of many of craigs scenes. and i dont think theres any question casino royales madagascar chase is the best bond action scene

@garfiald all the modern ones spoil you for good acting and set pieces

@Thomas @garfiald this like being angry that they invented pizza and cake that's healthy for you

@Thomas I always idealized Lazenby in my head as a romantic outsider Bond—until I actually watched OHMSS in full and was thoroughly disappointed. Part of the internal conflict was Lazenby wanting his Bond to be more of a loose unshaven hippy for the 60s and 70s: a big Bond no-no. I like to think if he'd accepted a 6-film run he might have been able to grow comfortably into the role.

@brownpau @Thomas
Opening the movie with Lazenby breaking the fourth wall and announcing that he's not Sean Connery was probably a mistake. It was meant to be a sly joke, but felt desperate - "I know i'm not the guy you want, but i'm trying my best, please be nice!"
That instantly dug a hole the guy had to climb out of for the rest of the film.

@Banquo @brownpau I also think he was really unattractive. Maybe that’s just me

@Thomas For a while I honestly couldn't tell him and Roger Moore apart

It's a lot of movies that tend to blend together at some point.

@Banquo yeah, but that’s one of the good ones! The name was just kind of close

@larrydavis nope, but that's pretty great. "Something's come up" "He means his cock!"

thanks to this every time i see one of those old bond intros i think "oop, bit of bush!"

@Thomas strong disagree! but some great picks otherwise

@Thomas posted it many moons ago...

1. Daniel Craig
2. Roger Moore
3. Sean Connery
4. Timothy Dalton
5. Pierce Brosnan
6. George Lazenby

@garfiald I hated Roger Moore. He just felt too wimpy I think. Anyway, swapping Brosnan and Moore we’re on the same page otherwise

imo, splitting Brosnan between Goldeneye and The Rest is cheating. take the good with the bad, you fucker

@larrydavis I'd still keep him above Craig on the strength of Goldeneye alone, but there's enough good in the other ones to find value

@larrydavis @Thomas i agree, which makes him possibly the worst bond, tied with dalton. both of which are even worse than lazenby imo

@JohnBrownJr @larrydavis this is absolutely terrible. Lazenby was just awful and Brosnan has the smooth cool energy with enough toughness plus good quips and good gadgets. Nice balance between camp and the modern serious Bond

@Thomas @larrydavis i disagree. brosnan has no charisma and towing the line between grit and camp just makes it impossible to take the gravity of the serious parts seriously

@JohnBrownJr @larrydavis I think it's The World Is Not Enough that starts with him getting captured and tortured by North Koreans and that was so tonally off key. That's why it's the worst Brosnan. But not all of them are like that! Goldeneye being the obvious example, but I think Die Another day is a little more balanced and has some good action sequences

@Thomas @JohnBrownJr
that was Die Another Day, because it has the real bad Madonna song as he's getting his head dunked

@Thomas @larrydavis its the opposite of You Only Live Twice, has a korean guy undergo surgery to become white

@JohnBrownJr @Thomas
dalton is a top-tier Bond, actually, and has two of the best movies

@victor Lazenby/Connery. In Diamonds are Forever Connery makes a lot of “assumptions”

@Thomas thank you for capturing the stark ‘live and let die’ theme-song-to-movie-quality contrast

@mood It’s unbelievable. I made it *minutes* in before saying “oh no” out loud

@JohnBrownJr I set my limit to 3 and I went heavy classics. Bardem is *incredible* though, agree. Like half the villains are better than all the Bonds


which is the one where they go to Japan that has better be one of the 3 most racist ones


it's so absurd they play it completely straight as if it's a convincing disguise

@SeanAloysiusOBrien it’s Bond with a wig basically. And he only uses it as a disguise for like a day

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