Episode 2! Featuring prompts by @caymanwent and @Louisa

It's 15 minutes this time, so please take a little time to listen and give feedback. Thanks so much!

ยท 7 ยท 11 ยท 13

Am I doing this when I should be working? YES! Time theft is praxis or whatever you pinkos say

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Mild content spoilers 

Mild content spoilers 

@Thomas @caymanwent @Louisa

i'm like halfway through and so far nothing is a lie?? all true birdfacts. maybe i misunderstood the introduction. ๐Ÿค”

@jackdaw_ruiz @caymanwent @Louisa there is no reason to lie about the birds, we all know the truth of the birds.

@Thomas @Louisa hell yeah my question made it! Very succinct explanation, but you never touched on the widely-accepted fact that Boeing is *run* by birds. Also DB Cooper is Tommy Wiseau and I refuse to believe any evidence otherwise.

@Thomas @Louisa thomas we all know you're part of the trilateral commission, this misinformation will not stand

@Thomas thomas you missed a golden opportunity to call it "this podcast is a lie 2: back on my bullshit"

tpal spoilers 

@Thomas @caymanwent @Louisa This is a neat show idea!

Also, your conspiracy makes more sense than most I've heard :bowie_laugh:

@david thanks! My goal is to make them as realistic as possible but also keep it fun



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