Y’all send me some Bernie memes I can send to my family until they get upset

@Thomas (who made this one? I think I got it here?)

@tarzanboy @Thomas For the longest time I thought all of these were from like the biggest artist on Twitter I have never heard of lmao

@patrick @Thomas I'm pretty sure I stole this from @ItsMorgan and they are the biggest artist on here so

@Thomas I first spotted it on reddit but would not be shocked if it was born here.

@yo @Thomas This photo is begging to be turned into a "ministry of silly walks" joke by someone better at editing than I

@Thomas I forgot who made this, but I am very certain it came from mastodon.

@blubfeesh @Thomas I am not the person who made this, so I don’t have any capacity to grant permission to use it. I typically assume that it’s fine to reuse meme content for non commercial purposes unless someone specifically objects.

@horrowfide @Thomas i wish i could take credit, but it was shared with me and i just passed it along

@sashakovich @Thomas I think it was only in a dream, but there was one of these with Bernie with animatrix arms once again demanding we hand over our flesh

@earthtopus @Thomas it is very important that he get a little bit of flesh from as many people as he can

@sashakovich @Thomas this made me put on my thinking cap

with bernie poised as gendo

and ritsuko often poised as hillary

and given the history between the two characters in the franchise...well, you do the math :3

@sashakovich @Thomas goddammit this is amazing but I don't know a single person who is online in the right axes to get this and isn't already on here

@Thomas jizzwitch posted this on twitter today. I hope your family likes it

@jennie @Thomas hello this meme is illegal I'm sorry the cognitive dissonance is bad for the mortals. you see, we try to keep them from realizing this because it tends to break them and make them start talking in the third person about some immortal rule against this meme

@jennie @Thomas (this is bad but I'd invested so much by the end that I felt I had to toot it)

@jennie @Thomas under capitalism, the worker becomes the most wretched of commodities

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