"I'm [ethnicity]. So as you can imagine, food is especially important to us." -literally everyone

Oh man I hope everyone knows I say this with love, I love food and I love the ways people make it

@Louisa As you can imagine, food is unimportant in my family where we have no ethnic identity.

@Thomas lol I know it's a Thomas the Tank Engine avi, but this opinion coming out of this blandly smiling grey face is very appropriate

@Louisa Thomas has no interest in food as trains cannot taste

@Louisa @Thomas He needs coal. That doesn't mean that he likes it. In fact, it seems likely to me that it tastes just as disgusting to him as it would to you or I. He just eats it because he would die without it. I'm sure that some days he wonders if it is worth it...


@minego @Louisa Percy the train, wracked with ennui, gagging as one more shovel of coal is poured down his gullet

@Thomas @minego what kind of a god would make a world where trains have smooth white teeth but must use them to chew up chunks of coal

@Louisa @Thomas A much kinder god than one that would make this world.

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