People out here talking about bad Christmas songs and nobody has mentioned Christmas Shoes, probably the worst song of all time

How many children spending Christmas, apparently alone, trying to purchase shoes for their dying mother are in that one?

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@Thomas some christian movie company made a movie out of it and my dad made me watch it once, because he loves making me suffer

@Thomas *clapping young me on the shoulder* son, I think it's time we learned about suffering

@Thomas I listened to it only on a podcast for worst Christmas song. It really deserves top billing

@Thomas have you seen the Patton Oswalt breakdown of that song

@Thomas someone made an excellent animation for it, I always watch it this time of year (after the boycott this year)

@Thomas One of my coparents feels Footprints in the Snow is the worst, but you may be tied there.

@Thomas I thought that song only existed in my War-on-Christmas-torn mind. I'm so glad and also so sorry that other people have also heard it and experienced its hideousness.

@Thomas Wonderful Christmas Time is also legitimately awful, but more in a manically repetitive way. Christmas Shoes is saccharine Mother Teresa levels of "gosh it's so beautiful to watch people suffer :')".

@Thomas christmas shoes is one of my family's horrible christmas traditions

(we also watch the star wars holiday special and attempt to play an extremely convoluted/not great board game we picked up on vacation together and have never finished)

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