Boost this and I'll tell you who would play you in the Mastodon movie

Look if you don’t follow me and I don’t follow you it’s going to be very difficult and I’m going to randomly assign you someone instead of thoughtfully coming up with something

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Yes, every selection is an attractive person, this is a movie and movie stars all look good.

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OKAY!! I'm done now. Stop it. I probably missed a bunch of people but I'm finished. I'm sorry if I never got to you.

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@velexiraptor that would also be a good pick I think! I guess I just think you have younger vibes?

@Thomas yeah def! also this reminds me i gotta watch umbrella academy

@Thomas I want you to be forced to answer this question for thousands of people. Thus, I boost.

@Thomas (I do not have thousands of followers, but I can contribute.)

@Thomas I feel like that's too nice. Potentially mean to Bob Balaban.

@breakfastgolem lol, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen what you look like, so....

@Gargron thanks Eugen, I’m assigning Bob Balaban to everyone I don’t know

@Thomas Mine should be really easy. Low hanging fruit

@Thomas Well now I feel like you're gonna give me Danny DeVito

@Thomas @Gargron Scarlett Johansson insists she can play any race, gender, or species.

@Thomas YOUR part will be played by Baby Yoda, who accomplishes great feats, then needs to rest for a while afterwards.

@Thomas ah, the classic boost this and I'll... Dilemma. I get this a lot

@Thomas Yes, but not Daniel Radcliffe with the social skills of Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe with the social skills of his character in Miracle Workers

@Thomas pretty sure you don't know me well enough yet but let's see

@Thomas you dont know me at all but...
im feeling lucky

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