Folks, it's called because that's the sound an elephant makes. We simply have no way of knowing what a mastodon sounded like. Eugen is wildly speculating.

@Thomas personally I like to think it was sort of a BWOMP sound

@Thomas shouldn't it be called Asstodon if its tooting though? I mean let's be honest xD

But I love it here I dont care what its called. As long as it's not called tweeting.

@Thomas Maybe one time we can clone a new one out of the stuff and have found. DNA replication and then, GO!

@mintyfresh I can't click this link for fear of knowing the truth and ruining my joke

@Thomas Actually nobody *actually* knows the sound a mastodon makes, but the man in the article examined the bones of a mammoth and put forth an educated guess.

@Thomas Mastodons sounded a lot like prog metal, developing a commercial sound during their reign of our planet, then turning slightly melancholic.

@Thomas And here I thought it was a self-deprecating reference to farty sounds.

I will have to review my feelings now.

Ashley, i would simply call that a fart!
a good ole fashioned fart, elephant size! 😂

@Thomas I always thought elephants trumpet. Well, I may just fork mastodon's code and 'poop' instead of 'toot'. May be even call my new platform as babycat. Cats and babies poop all the time. Just saying.

@Thomas FIFTY, look at this Mastodon one-percenter over here

@Thomas I don't even have enough clout to be your nemesis

@Louisa I would argue you have more “available clout” than my “static clout” please don’t ask me to define these terms further

@Thomas @Louisa

putting on my economist glasses and preparing to discuss how we're currently in a clout liquidity crisis.

@jackdaw_ruiz @Thomas all Thomas's clout is tied up in stock options at the moment

@Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz I invested all my clout in a pyramid scheme and now I’m ruined

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