@Thomas i dont know if this is a bit or not but Ledger's joker is 100% based on tom waits

@Thomas its specifically late 70s/80s waits, even the voice is exactly the same

@LarryDavis yeah, that's wild. As soon as you said that I can totally hear it.

@Ophillous @Thomas Honestly I'm just amazed at all the new swears I have to come up with to try and deal with your shit, it's keeping my brain limber

@robotcarsley I want you to know that I really mean it too. 1.5/5 stars, tops

@Thomas anyone who loves it is a 23 year old white guy. Even if they aren't any of those things, they are all of them as long as they are talking about the movie

@robotcarsley that's exactly right, haha 'My favorite movies are Fight Club and Boondock Saints'

@Thomas I will say that the documentary Overnight is quite interesting and requires Boondock Saints as preparatory viewing. Troy Duffy and all his dumb friends think they're going to conquer the entertainment industry and you can watch in real time as fame melts his brain

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