They can make you be at work, but they can't make you *do* work.

@Thomas The trick is to do just enough work that you have something to show at the end of the day but not so much work that you don't have time to shitpost

@witchfynder_finder 'See, I did this spreadsheet! Data entry is very time consuming"

I can pull this off because I'm one of two people in my office that know how to use Excel

@nosimpleway @witchfynder_finder well, to be fair mostly we're good at google and then convince people we're good at Excel

@Thomas @witchfynder_finder
That's how everybody who's good at Excel is good at Excel, though.

The other day our Outbound Director (boss's boss) was walking around our department. And there was no work. They had a high goal set but nothing was coming to us to do. He got onto this dude Travis for not working for 20 mins. Travis was like "There is no work!" He was like "I understand that but-" and Travis was like "No you don't! You're just bored and felt like yelling at people!" that was the end of it. Director wrote him up for having a phone charger at his station.

@Dee yipes. I guess getting off with a write up after hollering at your boss isn't *that* bad

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