Yesterday I posted a dumb young earther meme and on a whim made a spreadshirt site. Since @RobinHood actually bought one, I made the decision to do a bit of marketing.

If anyone buys anything, I'm going to donate the proceeds to The Malaria Consortium and the Maria Fund. for every $7 that we donate we get 4 person months of seasonal malaria care. This is saving lives in Africa and Asia where malaria and other communicable diseases kill many people every year

Show thread In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. They are still rebuilding from that disaster. The Maria Fund supports local grass-roots effort not just to rebuld, but to transform Puerto Rico’s future into one of equity, justice, and sustainability.

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On the last page there are a few that say ‘screw’ instead of ‘fuck’ if you don’t want a swear on your shirt with dinosaurs that are struggling to fuck

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@RobinHood you inspired it! Nobody may buy a dinosaur that's having trouble fucking, but if they do I think it's a good idea to help people

@Thomas @radicalrobit And it should be noted, given how often money going to PR likes to disappear, that the orgs they contribute to are actually, like, good ones—there’s more specific places you can send money, but this is probably the easiest one to deal with that will actually connect with orgs that are doing the work.

@nsmckinnon @radicalrobit I’m glad it’s good as it came recommended and they seemed above board. And you’d be the one to know!

@Thomas @RobinHood I want one of these so bad but cannot figure out if/when I'd wear it, but I WANT IT

@ItsJenNotGabby @RobinHood lol, yeah it’s kinda tricky. Like I definitely couldn’t wear it to work

@Thomas @RobinHood me either, but I have a couple of close friends who would love it, especially once I explained the context

@Thomas @RobinHood here is the worst place where to sell something. Go to Tik Tok if you want to sell things😉

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