dinosaurs were too big to fuck. checkmate paleontologists

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@laser introduced me to this conspiracy twitter and I am wilding on it.

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@Thomas someone give them a barbie and ken doll so they can get very confused when they try ramming their groins together but nothing pops out

@Thomas that page owns, but hoo boy do a lot of those get anti-semitic real fast

@laser yeah, there are some *really* bad anti-semetic and anti-LGBTQ+ ones.

@laser @Thomas honestly all the sites like this I've seen eventually go anti-Semitic, just a matter how far you get before you see it.


I want a tee shirt with the missionary stegosauruses on it with the caption โ€œToo Big To Fuckโ€

@RobinHood I love that one because itโ€™s the only way they could imagine these animals fucking

@RobinHood well, if you do at least it's 15% off. Also I cannot speak to the quality of any of them, lol

@shoofle @RobinHood If you click it you can make your own screwing dinosaurs merchandise

@RobinHood @shoofle *taps on link repeatedly to no avail *

@Thomas Just like sexually uneducated creationists to try and talk about something they have no clue about.

@elfi I mean, the evidence is right there! Too big to fuck

@Thomas embarrassed someone took this pic of my animal crackers before i was done with my snack time

@Thomas they hired the same graphic designer who made the straight pride flag, I see


@Thomas it's why elephants got such long trunks

@Thomas they had very long, flexible hogs that could slither around the tail. i am anti-sex and take no pleasure in reporting this

@Thomas this is the weirdest political compass

@strnom Iโ€™m somewhere between triceratops and T. rex I think

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