From RT's synopsis:

"Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. "



@pizza @LarryDavis and he iconically, specifically, did not draw first blood. He doesn’t kill anyone in the first movie

@Thomas @LarryDavis well I mean you can draw blood without killing someone...

@pizza @LarryDavis no, it's a very well known quote from the movie, lol "They drew first blood, not me"

@pizza @LarryDavis It's an anti-war movie really, which makes the sequels all the more fucked up

@Thomas @pizza @LarryDavis yeah the first rambo is a reflection on the horrors of vietnam, and what it did to an entire generation of people. The "Nothing is over! You can't turn it off! It wasn't my war!" scene is possibly Stalone's best bit of acting.

The sequels...aren't that.

@Thomas @pizza @LarryDavis hell in the original ending, Rambo dies! But since he was written to be incredibly sympathetic (a shell shocked killing machine who can no longer adjust to normal life) it didn't test well. A shame, as I think the sequels are what people think of when they hear the name rambo.

@Thomas @pizza @LarryDavis The whole 80s action genre is so much smarter than people give it credit for. Even arnie movies like Total Recall or Predator have things to say. I hate the stereotype of it just being big men with guns shooting billions of people; it discredits everything the films offered.

@LarryDavis @Thomas @pizza Is that the one where he crashed a T-62 into a Hind that the idiot pilot decided to fly low enough that, well, a tank could crash into it?

@pizza @Thomas
first blood is legit great and youre fine with watching that and ignoring all the sequels, even though 2 and 4 whip ass

@Thomas @pizza @LarryDavis I think he shot two cops. And all those vietnam guys in the beginning.

@Anarchist_Mallrat @pizza @LarryDavis He murdered a lot of people in Vietnam, accidentally causes a guy to fall out of a helicopter to his death and shoots (but doesn't kill) the police chief at the end. His intent is not to hurt anyone until he's finally pushed too far at the end

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