I think I've fought it long enough and I'm gonna start Halloween now. Gonna get spooky on main.

@selontheweb I’ve had it for a week or so and have been fighting to post it, waiting to get spooky

@Thomas i respect your self control good lord i would have been too stoked haha

@spineberg Summer has a week and change left! I guess I’ll change my display name after that, idk

@Thomas i thought i waited an appropriate length of time by not starting until sept. first

@Thomas i put the first few yard decorations up, but the kids have already knocked them all down so i'm waiting to a little to put them up again. got my costume like 90% done and imma start putting up inside decorations

@JohnBrownJr I think I'm just going to go as the terrifying bird again this year, but I haven't decided yet

@Thomas i'm going as Spiderman Noir, because it checks off three big boxes for me: Super Hero (for the kids, of course), sweet outfit, Nazi Hunter, and (perhaps most importantly) a Nic Cage character

@JohnBrownJr funnily enough, my wife was just sending me costume ideas and since my son is going as Miles Morales she suggested I do Spiderman Noir and she'll be Gwen Stacy, lol

@Louisa Extinct did good, holy shit. Any time I do an avatar I just ask the artist to do whatever they want with a few guidelines. I basically told them "spooky pls" and they came back with this amazing artwork

@Louisa It has a lot of little links to the King of Summer avatar which makes me happy

@Louisa It’s a flax flower. Basically my first illustrated avatar I did the same thing, “do what you’d like!” And they included that little flower in my hair. Then Starwall did a flag for me and featured it prominently there. Since then it’s been in every avatar I’ve had. It’s apparently a symbol of friendship

@Louisa my emoji is that first avatar, so you can see the flower there :thomas:

@Thomas aha! I like that you have your own symbolic lore

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