People that wait a week to self-boost are heroes. Imagine that level of patience

@Thomas hi, sorry Im late. Im trying to apply for jobs so I hopefully dont grit my teeth until they snap this year

@Thomas fingers crossed! I have some more apps to put in today, since everyone wants/needs tailored cover letters

@ItsJenNotGabby @Thomas love to lovingly make a cover letter that will just be scanned for keywords by an algorithm

@Thomas well, my new one is excellent so.

Also, if one particular place reads those and not the gd "supplemental questions" they required, I will lose my shit

@ItsJenNotGabby yeah, that’s bullshit, lol. My workplace requires only a letter (not a cover letter, like an actual letter) explaining why you want a particular job.

@Thomas this one was 4 questions, and the first one was "why do you want this position at University?"

@erosdiscordia @Thomas me too. And the 3 Im making sure to apply to this week are all places I'd rather live than here, so

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