Tell me how your favorite movie makes you feel!

I’ll go first. My favorite picture is Orson Welles’ F for Fake. When I watch it, I feel wonder at the creative process, I feel joy in surprise, I feel that way you feel when you see a really amazing magic trick.

@Thomas my favorite movie is Cloud Atlas. Aside from the clever editing and ambitious mashup of several genres into a cohesive narrative, the intertwining of individual stories to push forth an impactful theme just leaves me in awe.

@Thomas :thinkhappy:

Nah but genuinely it's a hard question for me to answer! I generally don't keep favourites for media because I find my taste and viewing habits change constantly haha

Some movies Ive seen and liked a lot recently;
Spiderman far from home
Batman (1989)
The twelve tasks of Asterix

Also a handful of mst3k things and other so-bad-theyre-good movies like Howard the duck and ninja terminator

@Thomas oh boy it's a whole rollercoaster of emotions. Think the most common ones were just pure joy/happiness, confusion, awestruck

Left me with so many questions about where the MCU is gonna go from here too, aa

@Thomas my favourite film is, ofc, annihilation and some of it makes me scared, some sad but a lot of it is I think just wondrously beautiful

@bryn :annihilation: I *love* that movie! I saw it 3 times in the theater

@Thomas initially I saw it w my friends, we put it on as Netflix background trash and within 20 mins were completely rapt!! I think I've seen it like... 5 times? 6?

@bryn I haven't watched it at home yet because I'm worried the experience won't quite be the same! The soundtrack at the end is SO LOUD in the theater and I'm not sure my TV speakers could keep up

@Thomas I never saw it in the cinema but I can imagine!!! it's a bit... crunchy through low quality speakers lol. the soundtrack reeeeeally makes it for me, I think it's absolutely fantastic

@Thomas my favorite movie is Her and it makes me feel like intimacy is everything

@Thomas The belt changes hands so often but when I think about something like The Big Lebowski or Fargo or 2001 I still marvel at the possibilities of storytelling and language (visual and spoken) and image-making and... just novel, surprising ways of expressing ideas.

@Thomas Hot Fuzz is probably my favorite movie overall; the way the dialogue is woven together and repeated in multiple contexts to add layers of meaning is so masterful that even now I can rewatch it and admire how beautifully it’s done in a movie that’s supposed to just be a goof on Lethal Weapon. I’m a huge fan of directors and writers who mainly work on comedies deciding to make something that’s directly funny but works on multiple other levels.

@nsmckinnon Edgar Wright has such a distinct visual style as well! Love that movie.

@nsmckinnon also, have you seen the Every Frame a Painting about Edgar Wright? It’s really good!

Mad Max: Fury Road.
It make me feel hopeful, because it's ultimately about people doing the right thing, even after the world has fallen apart and nothing seems to matter anymore. Also it kicks endless amounts of ass.

@Banquo I'm sure this story has been told a thousand times, but I read that George Miller wanted to make a movie that you could understand even if you didn't speak the language being spoken. So like somebody that only understands Mandarin can follow Fury Road because the story is told in the visuals. :furiosa: :nux:

@Thomas this is incredibly difficult. I wanna say of movies I’ve seen in the past few years it’s gonna be “mother!” and it makes me feel... disgust? Terror?

@johntherun nice! I never got around to seeing it, but I do love some real terror feels in a movie

@Thomas the last, say, half hour of the movie is an absolute nightmare. trigger warning if you have bad reactions to onscreen violence, especially physical violence towards women. It was incredibly difficult to watch at times

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