If you ever decide to unfollow me, tell me why first. I won’t change or get better or use that data in a positive way, I just want to hear which toot put you over.

Back to 5. Now I feel like somebody is fucking with me. How dare you.

@Robby Robby, would you uh... consider yourself well liked? Influential?

@Thomas strong same.

Tbh, I will probably toot more of that stuff after, I just want to know which toots kill.

@ItsJenNotGabby i've only ever unfollowed 1 person and it's because I learned they were under 18. Nothing personal really.

@Thomas yeah, Ive blocked several people for being children. I cannot.

may be too real Show more

may be too real Show more

@Thomas jokers love to unfollow someone as soon as they are close to a milestone and announce it or post that they reached it

@wintgenstein that’s fine, I’m not interested in fair-weather followers anyway

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