“Y’all” is a superior plural pronoun. “Ain’t” is a perfectly good contraction. “Reckon” is a fantastic verb for describing when you are of an opinion. “Yonder” is the only word to describe that way over there.

Also "Coke" can mean literally any soda. Like someone might ask you what kinda Coke y'all got.

I was worried I was gonna get some pushback on this, but it’s been 4 hours of straight positivity. I love y’all.

@freyja_wildes that’s right! Southern language and dialect are unfairly associated with stupidity or being a hick when actually it’s the best.

@Thomas Come to France... we are specialist of that bullshit. And when it comes to spelling, people are just plain cruel

@freyja_wildes isn’t there like a whole place that makes sure the language is CORRECT?

@Thomas @seagazelle "académie francaise".

A bunch of assholes. Mostly old white men


you forgot "pert near" for "approximately"

@rotor I’ve never used “pert near” but I DID forget “Fixin to” for when you’re about to do something.

@Thomas @rotor my version of 'fixing to' sounds like 'finna' :) but we do fix dinner around here.

@Thomas "any 'count" means "of a reasonable level of quality"

@Thomas I spent years in school catching hell from teachers and other students for using y'all, they'll never take my preferred plural pronoun from me


"six a'one, half dozen of t'other" is the proper way to tell someone you don't care which thing they do or choose.

@rotor “Bless your heart” - “I’m sorry that you are so dumb”


saying "oh I've got reckons" is a great way to tell people you have strong opinions on a subject.

@rotor @Thomas where i'm from, we don't use it that way. i reckon just means 'ok whatever' or 'im not sure but i reckon it might be like that'

@Thomas Agreed!

I'm a connecticut yankee but I consciously adopted "Y'all" into my vocabulary when I noticed how much it improves the clarity of communication. People who don't like it are just being snobs.

@nindokag Right?! What am I supposed to say You all"? "You guys"? no thanks.

@Thomas in England they say "you lot"! unless british TV has lied to me.

@nindokag @Thomas

im hella californian but I say "howdy" all the time because i think it sounds cool and friendly and that's me, a cool and friendly guy.

@Thomas And "all y'all" is the perfect emphatic plural.

@auntiekiki @Thomas I use “all y’all” to differentiate between the entirety of an audience and some
narrower, but still plural, subset

y’all=two or more
all y’all=everyone who might referenced

Did you move up here before you met your partner? Y’all have how many kids? I’m glad your partner has a good job so all y’all have health coverage


“Yonder” works the same but for a distance further beyond “there”

@adavidjohnson @auntiekiki @Thomas

Exactly. I've heard so many people on podcasts get confused by 'all y'all'. Like all slang, it doesn't seem natural outside of the dialect it arose in, but it has its own consistent grammar.

@Thomas Reckon y'all ain't been over yonder, but I'm pert near fixin to head thataway myself.

@Thomas one of my favorite bad woke takes was "using 'y'all' if you aren't from the South is cultural appropriation and you're no ally of the oppressed if you do it."

deliberately reading intepretations you didn't intend into your post Show more

@Thomas mississippi only has 3 syllables and louisiana has either 4 or 5, depending on where you're from.

@Thomas it is a crying shame that “y’all” specifically has not been indoctrinated into the English language as a whole because the alternative is a gendered “you guys” or a lanky “you people”

@Thomas since moving down here the only southern dialect thing that throws me is saying “carry” instead of “bring”

@Thomas a lady told me she was gonna “carry my car over to the mechanic” and I was like damn call a tow truck you old strong bitch

@stunt_bird lol. This is a funny one because I don’t know why it’s a thing at all, but it definitely is

@Thomas I would love to know because the rest of them I’m like “oh you guys say that differently, neat” and this one I’m just like “yeah you guys are fuckin wrong here”

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