“Y’all” is a superior plural pronoun. “Ain’t” is a perfectly good contraction. “Reckon” is a fantastic verb for describing when you are of an opinion. “Yonder” is the only word to describe that way over there.

@Thomas "any 'count" means "of a reasonable level of quality"

@Thomas I spent years in school catching hell from teachers and other students for using y'all, they'll never take my preferred plural pronoun from me


"six a'one, half dozen of t'other" is the proper way to tell someone you don't care which thing they do or choose.


saying "oh I've got reckons" is a great way to tell people you have strong opinions on a subject.

@rotor @Thomas where i'm from, we don't use it that way. i reckon just means 'ok whatever' or 'im not sure but i reckon it might be like that'

@Thomas Agreed!

I'm a connecticut yankee but I consciously adopted "Y'all" into my vocabulary when I noticed how much it improves the clarity of communication. People who don't like it are just being snobs.

@nindokag @Thomas

im hella californian but I say "howdy" all the time because i think it sounds cool and friendly and that's me, a cool and friendly guy.

@auntiekiki @Thomas a small subculture where I grew up embraced y’all as a way to get past ‘you guys’ exclusivity, and it honestly changed so much about my perception of pronouns in general. The answer to “do they matter” is a very clear “maybe”, but when they matter they matter so why wouldn’t you clean them up? Y’all is *perfect* and sounds like what it means so even those new to English get it. I also use ‘folks’ a lot, which technically is different but very welcoming and relatable.

@Thomas Reckon y'all ain't been over yonder, but I'm pert near fixin to head thataway myself.

@Thomas one of my favorite bad woke takes was "using 'y'all' if you aren't from the South is cultural appropriation and you're no ally of the oppressed if you do it."

deliberately reading intepretations you didn't intend into your post 

@Thomas Aww, what's wrong with "youse"?

@Thomas mississippi only has 3 syllables and louisiana has either 4 or 5, depending on where you're from.

@Thomas it is a crying shame that “y’all” specifically has not been indoctrinated into the English language as a whole because the alternative is a gendered “you guys” or a lanky “you people”

@Thomas tryin'a is a perfectly good contraction for "trying to" too!

there are worse things to be seen as than a redneck hick. some of the smartest and most practical-minded people i know are from the hinterlands

In Scotland we have "youse" as a plural and it makes so much sense

@Thomas a dollop is a helluva lot more than a smidgeon. And peoples is a word, dammit.

@Thomas Y'all is perfect and I love it so much because I can use it in place of you guys as a gender neutral form of address.

@Thomas yeah but t’other day the Dr’s office called and said “Is this Mr Thomas?” [my first name]. And I was like, what the fuck “no, this is Mr [my last name].” That’s just unacceptable. Unless you’re my great-grandfather who was Mr Thomas.

And "friend" comes highly recommended as a gender-neutral pronoun.

@Thomas my mom used to correct me about using ain't, when she herself used it often. i didn't understand, it seemed legit and convenient, so i'd just use it when she wasn't around.

y'ain't stoppin' me usin' ain't

@Thomas "y'hear?" is the best way to say "do you understand?"

@Thomas @Greg These words have made their way into my lexicon over the past few years. I don't know why. I'm from Michigan, I don't know if it's a MI/midwest thing, or what. Except "ain't". I don't really use that one.

@Thomas English is not my main language so I have no cultural context for any of the words I use. You'll possibly see me combining southern dialect, black slang and fancy elite words within one sentence cause I just want to get my point across and have no idea about the cultural context.

Them- Y'all isn't real English, it's just lazy and ignorant.
Me- Yeah, I used to think that: when I was 15.
Them- ...
Me- Y'all motherfuckers need to grow up and get over yourselves.

@Thomas I picked up “y’all” while traveling in the south in the early 90s and never stopped using it. I grew up using “ain’t” (in the PNW), which was nearly ubiquitous amongst kids back then, but I don’t ever hear it now.

Also, I learned that “ain’t” was proper grammar once, as were double negatives.

In high school I loved annoying my French teacher by translating "vous" as "y'all" but it works in both senses - as 2nd person both plural and a more formal singular!

@Thomas I've wondered about y'all and you'll for years. The former is correct yet the stigma means people use the incorrect you'll, which is you will. It's confusing.

@Thomas I actually say "over yon" for basically everything in any direction and its perfect

@Thomas No ever mentions 'you'ns' these days.... 😓

@Thomas Though also, totally agree on 'reckon.' It's fantastic.


In Arkansas police are policers and I don't care means the exact opposite of what it means in the rest of the country.

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