Hooters is such a Boomer/Gen X thing. The idea that I would eat shitty wings just because my server is buxom is wild as hell to me.

@Thomas gonna open an ass restaurant and the slogan will be "booty lickin' good"


- shitty wings. 🙅
- ass 👍 🙆 👌

... 🤔

@gdkar they don’t even have to specialize in this shit! If I go to Gus’ they have literally the best food in the world and every server has a fat ass because they all eat collard greens all day.

@Thomas millenials love tits. what they don't love is a gross place that objectifies women but isn't even like a full on strip club but a ''''''restaurant'''''. like what, am I supposed to take my family there? my friends? co-workers? like, around all of them I would feel weird, creepy and that both facets of this business are done better at other places. and if it's a 'lads' thing, then why not just go all out and go to a fucking strip club. or better yet, go to the chippy and have a wank after

@Thomas "millennials don't like boobs" is such a bizarre take, like seriously many of us are gay and/or trans, so of course many of us definitely like boobs.

@ialika_lifina "These folks just don't like boobs! It's got nothing to do with our business model or shitty food!"

>boomers are all sexual assaulters and creeps who get off on people revealing themselves for money in a minimum wage job
>we aren't

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