LB: you heard it here first, I am a handsome Canadian

Imagine being on some big as hell instance instead of a bespoke instance run by a handsome Canadian

Singing everywhere I go like a Disney character

Did a photoshoot thing today. Now just reassembling the main living area of the house.

I can't actively recommend this film to anyone because it's messed up but it was also pretty great and I really enjoyed it.

Canadian friends! Did you vote yet? Get out there!!

Watching The Night of Something Strange judge me...

Planning photoshoots. Must acquire table candles... Yes I know the proper name for specific kinds of candles.

Tell me all the exciting things that have happened in the last 2 months please and thanks. I need to catch up.

Came home to beer in the fridge and a new Magic: The Gathering deck. πŸ’›

Hi hi hi.
I do exist I promise.
Life has just been complicated.

I'm still sore.
But I need to get back to work tomorrow.
I wish there was another way.

Massage. Some good greenery. Lots of rest.
A few more days off work and I should be back in action.

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