Turned a page last night. Turns out pandemic isolation is hexin good for introspection.

I try to make the most white person posts and yet nobody gives me any credit

"I would simply..." posts now mean doing something as a simp would.

what is an instance? a miserable little pile of posters

At level 1, bisexuals can only wield on finger gun. Upon reaching level 5, bisexuals gain the ability to dual wield finger guns, with a small accuracy decrease.

Super productive day followed by a great night. I'm getting good at this shit.

Legit just sighed in relief because my hours shouldn't get too cut going forward. We're going to make this work. Keep the world spinning.

Shitposting is like pornography. You know it when you see it

Selfie - nude - eye contact 

anyone out there have anime suggestions for series to start watching? bonus points if they're available to stream in Canada.

The world is cancelled.
Wash your hands you animals.
Stay healthy.

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