My game is taking soooo looooong to download.
Imma have a bath and make a blood sacrifice to the wifi demons.

First game we're buying together is The Elder Scrolls Online (despite me playing during Alpha and finding it fuuuucking awful it has come a long way)

Bee is buying a 2nd Playstation so we can nerd out and play games together. I feel loved.

Just bought a million bubble bath thingies because 'treat y'self'

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Day off and I'm puttering around the house tidying things... AMA

Bee is making horrible noises and I look at him and say "you okay there bobo?" and his face turns into a sad puppy as he speaks " I think I have a co-wd"

Manflu like the flu but for MEN.

The motto on my family crest is “Just Happy to be Included”

Oh right it's my weekend so of course I'm awake earlier than I need to be...

I think I need sleep.
But I would also accept protein rich food delivered to me in my warm bed.

Listening to early 2000s garbage with Bee and laughing our asses off. I mean fuuuuck....

I'm in weekend mode already and I have 20 minutes to go on my shift. Haha

More school closures for snow today. And yet I'm still going to work. No faaaaair.

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