Watched Falling Down on Saturday. Decided to watch True Romance tonight. Guess I'm on a rewatch all your favourite 1993 movies binge.

It's 2021 why don't we have a unified sarcasm text yet?

I always forget to post here. But I think about all you delightful degenerates often.

Let's collaborate.

Art. Music. Mayhem. Mischief. Nature. Kindness. Magic.

However you're able... πŸ’šπŸŒΏ

I wanna live somewhere I can scream Namaste Dick'ead off my back deck and not get in trouble.

I keep seeing images that I swear look straight out of a movie. The movie being much less humourous than Mike Judge lead me to believe.

Riiiight I forgot....
I can't have a sense of humour and need a man to explain memes to me.

Watching GLOW makes me feel like throwing hot friends around 🀣

if you shrunk me down to stuart little size everything i did would be a micro trans action

Happy Friday the Thirteenth we're all going to hell.

I'm doing a movie marathon tonight because it's just the correct course of action.

After extensive research... By which I mean staring at movie stills for days on end I have decided my portrait tattoo will also be my first HORROR tattoo.

Featuring Herbert West Re-Animator

I'm saving my badass babes Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Princess Leia and Tank Girl for another project. πŸ’€

Need to choose a bad ass photo/movie still of a bad ass woman from some bad ass 80s horror or action flick for a portrait... And then get it tattooed on me.

Hey I'm back. I smashed my phone during our CHAOS MOON on Halloween and am finally getting everything set up again. Oof.

calling 1-900-DONT-SUE about the killer doll in my house

Gonna be a rough week. I foresee a lot of couch naps watching The Office in my after-work hours for sure.

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