The noises my body makes morning edition:

cronch cronch

Looks like we're gonna be playing whack-a-mole today, fellow admins

Insomniac Rants 

Someone I kinda know on another social place asked about "scariest horror films" so in keeping with the LaserDisc.Party vibes what is the scariest horror film you've seen?

Combative + Cuss Words 

Female lewdity/no nudity 

Two more days to get all the shit done and then wooooo days off for four days! I fucking earned this shit.

Brainstorming clever photo shoot ideas to keep myself from thinking about work on my 4 days off next week...

Suggestions welcome.

The Continuing Adventures of Derek in Poetry: An Update 

Okay yoga trick eventually worked. Phew... I hate hiccups.

Also also... I have hiccups and my yoga trick isn't working. Halp!

Massive what the fucking, this is trash of the nth degree!

Also why am I too lazy to find the remote...
Bee come home and save me from myself!!

If you kindly ask someone to CW something and they refuse, accept that and move on.
If you can't take what they post, mute or block them.

Harassing them is never an appropriate response.

Watching pre-recorded Art live streams (nosuchthingasgrownups if one is so inclined) interspersed with what the fucking at the TV when I realize some episode of Maury is on...

selfie, shoveralls (shorts coveralls, fuctionally a romper) 

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