I kinda want to go through all my clothes on my days off and create new outfits... I'm bored with my current look.

are your teens texting about healyn?? know the signs,

smh : so much healyn
wth : whoa, that’s healyn
hrt : healyn ring toss
imho : i’ll make healyn ours
tbh : tough butt healyn

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But the lil Robot frens were hecking cutes and I got a higher score than Bee did. Hah!

My brain hurts cause Bee made me play with the PSVR

Heard a weird intermittent beep this morning. Thought it was the coffee maker doing something weird. Bee mentioned he heard it a couple times today too... thought maybe it was the washer or dryer? Everything is off and I double checked to make sure the signal beeps were turned off...

It's long enough inbetween beeps that I can't just stand there and wait (30 minutes? Might be an hour?)

I'm so confused!

Did anyone complimentarily subtoot me? That would be swell but I doubt it cause I don't have clout...

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I thought I was supposed to be the one who had weird symptoms... poor Bee.

Watching our local paramedics on TV and drinking some craft beer.

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