I think I give up on today.

Anyone want to come make me soup?

I'm still all kinds of fucked up health/pain wise today. But I'm trying real hard to not complain too much because people don't like that.

I've basically reached the point where the only follow requests I accept are from the alts of people that I already know, which is such a drastic change from my original Mastodon experience.

Judging by the amount of pain, the nausea and muscle twitching and hand weakness. Imma go out on a limb and say I'm having a flare up.

I'm unreasonably excited that I might get to meet a fellow alt model type (who is infinitely more noteworthy than me) tomorrow.

Spontaneous piercing trips are the best. I promise I only took a little nap.

I love that Bee and I know so many people in common from points in our life before we knew each other because oh my god random story time fucking 7 years in...

Drugs - a song 

My everything fucking hurts today and I just really relate to The Beaches - Money right now.

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