jesus looks like he told you to meet him at the barnes and noble starbucks because he thought if he dumped you in a public place you wouldn't freak out on him.

you were wrong jesus.

@TheLizardQueen “Umm why did you leave work early without telling anyone?”

“The fediverse said it was ok!!”

When your coworker just hands you your coffee you know you need more coffee

I also dropped my iPad on my face hard enough to unclick my septum jewellery... I should probably go to bed before I die.

Legit just about drowned on my own saliva in the bathtub. Yep... one of those nights.

Merrr... Bee has early bed time cause of day shift tomorrow. What do I do!?

Just counting down the days until a manager or some shit catches me on Masto at work and is compelled to ask me what a wound cube is

Thoughts about my neighbours: Are they moving? I'd like for them to be moving.

Guh. Gotta clean up my eating again. The inflammation and junk is back with a vengeance.

Gonna Super Smash my boyfriend.

I mean the game... maybe

yo budding movie nerds and video store old-timers, come to

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