In the last 30 minutes I: made a deal for getting our wood chips delivered tomorrow; learned how to commit tax fraud in Norway; politely declined an invitation to a party; decided on healthy boundaries in future dealings with Rich Neighbour

awful joke 

everyone's concerned about the games top what about the games bottom u_u

Just recorded 10 minutes of rambling about whatever I could think of because a friend of mine is studying sign language interpretation and he needs practice material

annual reminder that I once took a screenwriting class, and one person in that screenwriting class wrote the phrase:

"the thought shot into her brain, like milk shooting into the breasts of a pregnant woman"

Im not really educated on this stuff, can anyone tell me if this is accurate?

My sibling is one book away from reading my favorite book, and my mom is one book away from reading my other favorite book, can you imagine the kind of stress and anticipation I am experiencing

I am currently attempting to map out the interior of a spaceship and the lesson I am currently learning is that the world should rejoice that this kind of thing is not actually my job because WOW I am bad at this

@balrogboogie yesssssss!! I have a poetry collection of her works and the introduction says she basically said "oh yeah Im married, to Dick from Man Island"

"Useless lesbian" is not a slur. It didn't start out as a slur and it's not one now. It's a term the community uses to gently make fun of itself

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I saw someone complaining about this to an author, who is herself some flavor of sapphic, and may I suggest simply letting people have their gentle and affectionate tropes

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My position is "anyone can use the term useless lesbians as long as it's affectionate"

@kiosk well let me just say, I liebe it, I'm laching at it and I lebe for it

So my roommate put up a painting in the hallway

(That's german for Live Laugh Love)

Recently reconnected with a former friend after five years of not talking and we really hit it off for a few conversations, talking for hours and I was like "oh wow, we could be really good friends again"

Anyway, we started talking about politics and while I have drifted further and further left in the last 5 years, he has gotten a bad case of centrist brainworms so I guess that's it

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