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So... did anything interesting happen on Mastodon while I was having A Week?

Roland Young - too good for this week's episode, Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) Show more

Roland Young - too good for this week's episode, Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) Show more

Roland Young - too good for every movie Show more

Roland Young - too good for every movie Show more

You know those actors who are stunningly good, and yet always seem to end up in really crap movies that are totally undeserving of their talents?

I would like to present you, in advance of this week's episode for Ruggles of Red Gap (1935), with the original Too-Good-for-This-Movie actor, Roland Young.

I know capitalism is responsible for more egregious and harmful wastes than this, but the quarterly, company wide, 3 hour meeting is just a bonfire into which workers pitch their time.

This is so good, but now I have like 25 horror movies I want to watch, and I am a total scaredy cat about horror movies.


57 Horror Directors on the Scares That Inspired (and Traumatized) Them


The funniest thing I’ve ever seen someone do was, after a long night of drinking, at around 5am in the middle of NYC, just say “I want no part of this” and bail out of the cab at a random intersection. I still laugh about it.

Oh, damn it, can I not go one day of my life without getting the Marseillaise stuck in my head?

(No. The answer is no.)

Oh, right, is it time again?

I guess I'll just say that I'm 1/2 of a pair of best friends watching every movie ever nominated for Best Picture and then complaining about it in a weekly called The Screen Test of Time.

Mostly, I toot about and on this account, and have long, ongoing conversations about the film adaptation of Annihilation with everyone on laserdisc.party.

Hi, and welcome to Mastodon, newbies!

boost this and I'll tell you which shakespeare line you are. these will be selected completely randomly

olga and i are getting in the festive mood by watching the star war holiday special from 1978.


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But, unlike last week’s episode, we did *actually* talk about the movie, even if we got a bit sidetracked...

Anyway, it’s out now on my site as well as via iTunes. itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/th

Alright, now that all that David Copperfield content is out of the way...

How about some more David Copperfield content?

This week, David has a hard time remembering names of real life people, I have a hard time remembering names of characters, and there may or may not be evidence of time travel dropped in this movie (and Dickens’s book). Also, we discuss Hugh Dancy’s relationship to the philosophy of moral particularism and Taylor Swift’s “Most For The PR” Boyfriend.


Adaptations of David Copperfield we haven't seen that we still recommend over the 1935 movie Show more

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