Little Women (2019) [no spoilers] 

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Episode 97 - Gone With the Wind (Ugh) 

Laserdisc Oscars are only going to have 5 slots for best picture. 10 is a cop out. If you want to get nominated, make a better movie

Halloween double feature (food mention) 

I slept until 9:30 after waking up at 5:00 yesterday, and it’s amazing how much it feels like everything’s going to be OK when you sleep enough.

Ugh, it’s Halloween week! I want to watch 28 Days Later or Jennifer’s Body or Sean of the Dead or... well, a lot of things that aren’t Of Mice and Men.

Ep. 95: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 

Haunted (real...?) house stuff 

This is overly long, but you can skip about for a good list of Halloween appropriate movies to freak you TF out:

10 Old Movies Too Disturbing For Mainstream Audiences

Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 

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Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 

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Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 

Why I have cried 3 times editing this coming episode 

The Politician (no spoilers) 

Listening to @ScreenTestOfTime #podcast episode on Wuthering Heights last night. The Wuthering Heights adaption for people who hate Wuthering Heights is Andrea Arnold's from 2011, not the Fiennes / Binoche one from the 1990s. Watch _that_ #film!
It's grimy, unglamorous, clarifies the class and race dynamics of the 2 households and it is also the only version of the story I know (_including_ the novel) where I can believe in the obsessive passion of Cathy & Heathcliff. It's as if Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea was based off of this Bronte novel rather than Jane Eyre.
It's 2nd only to the Kate Bush song.

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