I am fully terrified to watch the Cats trailer, y'all.

film take, somewhat related to the Cats trailer 

Wow, never realized how often I use IMDB until there was a day I couldn’t because they’re an Amazon property. If you had asked me yesterday how much I go to IMDB, I would have said, “Maybe once a month...?” and today me looks back at yesterday me and just cackles.

Hey, LP partiers— let’s NOT go see or support this forthcoming movie, Adam, in any way.


I'm taking voice lessons at a music school where Andrew Bird used to teach and this photo of him is on the wall outside the classroom, telling me, "Hey Regina. You will never be as good at music as I am. Not even a little."

Jupiter Ascending 

Stranger Things 3 (DEFINITELY spoiler) 

Stranger Things 3 (maybe spoiler, not specific) 

Free Solo 

Welp, watching Free Solo didn't make me never want to climb again... it actually made me want to get back on the (short) wall at the climbing gym ASAP.

...I suppose if nothing else, it will make me not want to go back to climbing, LOL.

Sitting on the sofa with a broken ankle from rock climbing watching Free Solo, good idea or worst idea of all time?

Wow, after 2 weeks of being immobility due to injury, I actually am tired of movies and TV shows and also books and pretty much everything, actually.

why do I have to keep doing things, why can't I listen to the new @ScreenTestOfTime

Need a recommendation for a good movie to put on for the purposes of instantly falling asleep.

No, I don’t want a *boring* movie, just one that is super pleasant and will make me fall off into a sweet nap.

It's getting pretty queer up in here for Ep. 76: Stage Door 

"YOU SHOULD WATCH THE WIRE" - every straight white man ever to me 

"YOU SHOULD WATCH THE WIRE" - every straight white man ever to me 

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