Little Women (2019) [no spoilers] 

For those who listen to Screen Test of Time, you’ll know I’m no great fan of this story, so when my mom insisted on taking me to see the new one today while I’m in my hometown for Christmas, she really had to drag me.

It is absolutely phenomenal, and I insist everyone go see it immediately because DAMN.

work, uspol, impeachment hearings 

Ugh, have THREE episodes to edit before I leave for Morocco next week and I can’t do that and watch the impeachment hearings at the same time...

And the worst thing is that this now gives me zero excuse to delay folding laundry and doing my seasonal clothing swap over any longer. Blech.

Episode 97 - Gone With the Wind (Ugh) 

Our review of Gone With the Wind is out, and it’s predictably scathing.

That’s it, that’s the toot.

Laserdisc Oscars are only going to have 5 slots for best picture. 10 is a cop out. If you want to get nominated, make a better movie

Halloween double feature (food mention) 

Braising a pork shoulder in apple cider and onions and having people over to watch Jennifer’s Body and Shaun of the Dead, since it’s raining all day today and being cozy sounds better than being drenched at the parade, IMO.

I slept until 9:30 after waking up at 5:00 yesterday, and it’s amazing how much it feels like everything’s going to be OK when you sleep enough.

Ugh, it’s Halloween week! I want to watch 28 Days Later or Jennifer’s Body or Sean of the Dead or... well, a lot of things that aren’t Of Mice and Men.

Ep. 95: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 

So, it’s coming out pretty late on a Sunday, but it is out!

This was our longest episode ever, and I am pretty damn proud of it.

I now have a giant crush on 31-year-old Jimmy Stewart-as-Jefferson Smith, now. (Important to distinguish characters from the actors who play them... I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. Hashtag Don’t Date Hollywood Actors Because You Think Their One Character Was Hot.)

Haunted (real...?) house stuff 

I’m going to the candle lit ghost tour tonight at the Merchant’s House Museum (reportedly THE most haunted place in New York City) and I can’t stop singing “Ghost Murder Party” to the tune of Gorillaz’s “Sex Murder Party.”

I really hope I’m not asking for trouble this way...

This is overly long, but you can skip about for a good list of Halloween appropriate movies to freak you TF out:

10 Old Movies Too Disturbing For Mainstream Audiences

Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 


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Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 

Hoooowwwww is there still a movie’s worth of movie left in this movie?!

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Oh, god, I’m watching Gone With the Wind 😖 

I knew this was going to be hard, but I’m only an hour and a half in and I was SURE I could make it to the halfway point before I just wanted to never watch a movie again, and NOPE.

Why I have cried 3 times editing this coming episode 

Asked myself, “Do we just use the entirety of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow?’ or is there a good place to cut it?” And in doing so:

1) Listened to the entire song 3 times and decided that we’re using the whole damn thing.

2) Cried literally every. single. time. I listened to it because Judy Garland’s voice was just incredible.

The Politician (no spoilers) 

Taking a break from editing this week’s Wizard of Oz(!) episode to catch up on some ludicrous TV, and I can’t decide if I like this show The Politician a LOT, or if I like it a little, but they used “Chicago” as the title song, and because I have a pulse I am absolutely a sucker for how moving that track is.

Listening to @ScreenTestOfTime #podcast episode on Wuthering Heights last night. The Wuthering Heights adaption for people who hate Wuthering Heights is Andrea Arnold's from 2011, not the Fiennes / Binoche one from the 1990s. Watch _that_ #film!
It's grimy, unglamorous, clarifies the class and race dynamics of the 2 households and it is also the only version of the story I know (_including_ the novel) where I can believe in the obsessive passion of Cathy & Heathcliff. It's as if Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea was based off of this Bronte novel rather than Jane Eyre.
It's 2nd only to the Kate Bush song.

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