Frankenstein is his surname, and he is, in effect, the monster’s father, ergo, under Western European patronymic surnaming conventions, THE MONSTER IS ALSO FRANKENSTEIN.

Case closed.

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Remember, there was a time when "pixelated" meant "under the influence of pixies".

Now that we’re at 63 episodes, I’m wondering if perhaps we should have divided the show into “seasons” by nominee year.

Then I remember it won’t always be 10 (or 12!) nominees per year, and that it will be a different kind of mess when it’s only 5 nominees if we do that, now.

Hmmm... 🤔

the fact that Mickey Rourke didn't get a Best Supporting nom for Iron Man 2 will foverer be a stain on the Academy

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It would be really cool if LP did something like WeAreNameless and we all watched a movie together on the regular.

Just sayin', @derek. :blobcat:

And this was particularly cool:

The film's press kit was accompanied by a floppy disk containing a custom program explaining the movie. Parts of the program were quasi-encrypted, requiring the user to enter an easily guessable password to proceed.

The Internet Archive has it available to play in your browser!

#WeAreNameless #Sneakers

Phil Alden Robinson, the director and one of the writers, received a visit from men claiming to be representatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence, who indicated that for reasons of national security, the film could not include any references to "a hand-held device that can decode codes". Robinson was highly concerned, as such a device was a key to the film's plot, but after consulting with a lawyer from the film studio he realized that the "visit" had been a prank instigated by a member of the cast, possibly Aykroyd or Redford.

#WeAreNameless #Sneakers

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Totally unfair to have James Earl Jones work for the NSA, because like... who's NOT going to surrender whatever he asks for?

"They'll give us 20 years in the electric chair."

Yup, *still* have a crush on Mother.

The fact they even see the text parsed with nice whitespace on the screen means that encryption is breakable. #WeAreNameless

Why do people use anagrams when they could just use... something entirely unrelated? This is always a weird thing to me in fiction.

I realize I'm telling on myself here, but I've always had a crush on Mother...

Feel weird saying this considering he's no longer with us, but...

River Phoenix could have socially engineered me ANY time. Mrow.

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