I need to go to the grocery store, but it's Umbrella Academy Day.

Do I:

⚪ Go to the store first, that way you can become one with your couch and watch the whole series in one binge, as the Netflix executives intended

⚪ Watch one episode first, so you have a critical reason to get up so you do not NOT watch the whole series in one binge

*taking a deep drag on a cigar* twitter? havent heard that name in a long time

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good morning everyone, and happy birthday to jane seymour, matt groening, art spiegelman, and conor oberst.

Wow, been awhile since I had such a hardcore bout of insomnia...

What’s up, Australia?

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anyone else watch cowboy Bebop
as an adult

and decide then and there
you were going to grow up to be
radical Edward

I asked my daughter if she was sad that she didn't have a sweetheart for V day. She said, "No, that's not necessary. Valentines day is just a day to be extra nice to everyone."

In that spirit... Happy Valentin's Day friends! 💖

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Entering hour 12 of work for the day with another hour or two ahead, a website greets me with a CAPTCHA.

I sob, softly, as I click the check box labeled "I am not a robot."

Finally, someone has given me the exact words to express myself, and the confirmation I required to keep going.

Palmer Valentines Products Meeting:
"So we need something new for Valentines."
"Like a teddy bear?"
"Nah. What else you got?"
"A bunny? A kitty?"
"Those are Easter and Halloween respectively. We need something unique. What do you think of when you hear Valentine's Day?"
"Um...A massacre?"
*intern raises hand exuberantly* "How about a shark?"
*appreciative murmurs around the room*
"Nailed it."

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I really want to have been in the Palmer confections meeting where this was approved, because WTF.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Tacoma, Washington is currently inside the Icee machine at Store 24 in San Dimas, California.

If someone could let the counter clerk know that they forgot to add the deliciously saccharine syrup flavoring the citizens of our fine community would greatly appreciate it.

Chocolate Shark,
Chocolate Shark,
Friendly Valentines Chocolate Shark!
Studded with crispy rice,
White chocolate smile like Mac the Knife,
Look out! Here comes the Chocolate Shark!

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