Wow, forgot how I find literally every creature except the fizzgig in the Dark Crystal universe to be at least somewhat nausea inducing, and tried to watch the new series as a sick day treat.

I didn’t make it very far...

Wow, between having this podcast and now having a regular DJ gig I have to prep for every week, I am now not just skittish when the phone rings, I’m actively annoyed.

It’s 2019, and half my life is spent in headphones— just send me a freakin’ email!

1939 - the year that raised cinema to an art form...? 

1939 - the year that raised cinema to an art form...? 

1939 - the year that raised cinema to an art form...? 

Episode 86: Boys Town 

(I stayed up way too late because I couldn’t stop reading a book, so that’s the extent of my ability to greet anyone this morning. 😴)

So, we got a bunch of new followers while I was slammed with work this weekend, and I just wanted to say: Hi, new followers!

On the plus side, tho, I get to remember how good La grande illusion was.

Uggghhh, have to edit this week's podcast and it's for one we really liked, so it's soooo long, and all I want to do is waste a day playing Alphabear now that I remember it exists.

I am fully terrified to watch the Cats trailer, y'all.

film take, somewhat related to the Cats trailer 

Wow, never realized how often I use IMDB until there was a day I couldn’t because they’re an Amazon property. If you had asked me yesterday how much I go to IMDB, I would have said, “Maybe once a month...?” and today me looks back at yesterday me and just cackles.

Hey, LP partiers— let’s NOT go see or support this forthcoming movie, Adam, in any way.

I'm taking voice lessons at a music school where Andrew Bird used to teach and this photo of him is on the wall outside the classroom, telling me, "Hey Regina. You will never be as good at music as I am. Not even a little."

Jupiter Ascending 

Stranger Things 3 (DEFINITELY spoiler) 

Stranger Things 3 (maybe spoiler, not specific) 

Free Solo 

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