are there any films that you just categorically, stubbornly refuse to ever watch? and not because of, like, disturbing/upsetting content. mine is The Goonies

@PalmeDork Drive has been one for a long time but I may be wavering on that, I am going to try to watch it before the end of the year. if someone pushes me too hard to watch something I will absolutely dig in my heels and get stubborn for years about it haha

@checkervest haha! I don't really remember Drive much but I know I liked it. I definitely do the same with certain recommendations! there are also loads of 80s "classics" that I irrationally don't want to see

@PalmeDork also The Goonies. And although I never specifically avoided the god father, at this point since I've gone this long without watching it, chances are high I never will so I'm going to count that too.

@radicalrobit I've also never seen the godfather! although I definitely will once I find a convenient cinema screening I think

@PalmeDork I suppose this is on disturbing content grounds tho (the cars have guns in that one)

@PalmeDork mine are only ones with upsetting content, like. i’ve never seem irreversible

@MmeLibertine @mood yeah, that's one I can't imagine ever bringing myself to watch either

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