The first time I watched Parasite I watched it on my cell phone, 15 minutes or so at a time

@kiosk He would be very upset with me, I'm sure but it's okay I could definitely beat him up

@Thomas when i was in fifth grade, my friend and i used to watch Inception on an ipod touch behind the school building on our twenty minute breaks

@kiosk yeah for me it was on 15 minute breaks at work


@Thomas @kiosk it's me, I'm Christopher Nolan and I'm Mad at the pair of you

@PalmeDork @kiosk What am I gonna do instead! At the time it was that or not watch it

@Thomas @kiosk director bong would simply ask that you wait until you are able to watch it not piecemeal-ly and not on your phone

@PalmeDork @kiosk I watched it again later in the correct way (pan and scan to 4:3 on a 27” tube TV)

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