tonight I watched Wishing Stairs. third of the Whispering Corridor series of Korean high-school ghost movies. this one wasn't bad but the weakest of the 3 I've seen. the kind of thing that it would be kinda cool to see get a remake because the core idea is solid and it could've been a lot better

what an incredible film. even if you hate it you gotta say. I should have watched this a second time much sooner and I can't wait to see it again. it's preposterously self-indulgent but it doesn't really matter because it's about everything and not a specific type of experience like, for example, Boyhood. the whole ending sequence is stunning and it what an extra tragic note it hits since Philip Seymour Hoffman died.

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Ok, so far this is 1) a lot funnier than I remembered and 2) a lot more surreal than I remembered. I still love it

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Also gonna struggle not to cry seeing the big man on screen. Proper did me in when he died

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I'm rewatching Synecdoche, New York tonight as my work film club choice. Slightly apprehensive because I remember it as one of my all time favourites but that was years ago. Fingers crossed I still love it

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or seeing what cool shit has been buried in the menus of amazon or netflix

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I spend multiple hours of my work day just distractedly looking up what films to add to my already way too long rental list

That was pretty great. Familiar ideas to modern Korean cinema but it kept my attention for the whole 2 and a half hours and is very well shot. Also has a killer score

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Tonight I'm gonna watch Burning, a keystone of the emerging Steven Yeuniverse

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping is on tv and I'm too tired to watch it all now but this is friggin funny

This dude is the one telling the Denver ghost stories and he's so great i think I need to go on holiday to take his ghost tour of the city now...

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Blu-ray has a great little feature about the grim spooky history of Cheesman Park that inspired the story it's based on

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This was really great. I didn't realise it was a proper ghost story. Great scares, great story, extremely well directed and the sound design is really cool and distinctive too

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rental film tonight is The Changeling (1980). really looking forward to this one!

just found out today that Arctic and Polar, both starring Mads Mikkelsen, are not the same film and in fact Arctic is meant to be pretty great!

finally getting around to watching The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, which I obviously know is gonna whip

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