Lightyear is fine. Couple of really cool action sequences but it's not funny or inventive enough to put it on a par with most Pixar films. The overall message was pretty cute but it was all a bit rushed to have any impact, unfortunately

trailers starting and I'm the only one in here. send some prayers up for my 2nd ever empty screen experience! 🙏

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omw to see Lightyear. real Disney adult behaviour 🤕

sorry but this is incredible of me
Actorle 99 2/8
Play here:

framed spoiler 

actually a 2 but I accidentally managed to enter "seven" as a manual answer lmao

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Incredibly well captured chaos. Really liked that!

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deeply disappointed to log on and find everyone being wrong about Noah (2014)

booking to see Lightyear on my own on thursday *hello darkness my old friend* 😐

unfortunately, it looks like they're getting rid of allocated seating from August?? Why would you change that? Who prefers having to just sit wherever? The fuck

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mates, just got an email announcing the Prince Charles Cinema are doing a Jackie Chan "selectrospective". Hell. Yeah!

don't even know what that is
Framed #102
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥

loved it. can't wait to rewatch the others when Matt Reeves knocks it out the park. A1 blockbuster filmmaking

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