saw someone on birdsite mocking people who want to know in advance if they're getting into a happy ending or some grimdark trauma and frankly I'm still mad about it

my MIL was a trauma nurse for 40 years, she wants nice pointless fluff with happy endings when she's trying to decompress. fuckin let her, okay?

also hey PTSD and triggers are real so don't be a fuckhead??


while I'm on one about books/writing, if you were as disappointed as most about Fireside Fiction's recent massive fuckup, might I suggest Fiyah lit mag instead?

Troy Wiggins is a remarkable person, writer, and publisher. the Fiyah team works hard to genuinely amplify and respect Black voices in spec fic.

@MmeLibertine I hear they held a really kickass virtual conference this year on very short notice.

@edebill that's awesome! and it doesn't surprise me. they're very committed to their work and their collective heart is in the right place.

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