Mask off republican racism 

If you just ignore all the deaths caused by systemic racism and a hatred of healthcare, things don't look so bad!

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

LB is how I feel even thinking about mcu or star wars these days

I don't know that I can tolerate another month of queer people posting pictures of other, real queer people with the caption "corporate pride"

@kiosk I finished Dead Astronauts a few days ago and already gave it to a friend, demanding she read it immediately. holy shit

Our house of neurodivergent people has found a thing useful: when approaching someone and not sure if they are in a conversational headspace, just say “engage?” as in is it ok to engage with you now, no problem either way just nod or shake head or say no. It’s minimal interruption and there’s no judgement either way.

"I mean, what a disappointing 21st century this has been so far, you know?"

- David Bowie

there are a lot of kids' shows out there and I can honestly say Fireman Sam is one of the shittiest

Allergy season is a very quiet time in The Snake Post Office because everyone's on Antihisssstamines.

reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

just read the word "twinkling" and thought "ah, a small twink" I'm logging off forever

why is simba cheeked up, why is he smuggling 2 loafs on this ride
whay the fuck

If Bunnicula was one of your favorite books growing up, you’re hot now

pride march banner ideas: asexuals against slutshaming

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