Cat's home. watching her try to jump in the car before we could stop her was hard. she did better letting us get her out at home, and with the short stairs into the house from the back yard. this is gonna be an adjustment for us all, but it's good to have her silly face back in the house with us.

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i may honestly spend the next week drawing this fucking cat over and over again.

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Don't forget: You should show the world what you're working on. They'll love it.

My new favorite #LittleFreeLibrary is the M-T Saddle Saloon on Palatine, where the entire elaborate front swings open to reveal a sturdy library. #Seattle

heads up if you use twitter at all

in typical jack dorsey fashion, the new tipping feature on twitter, which uses paypal, sends the tip recipient the full name and address of the person sending the tip

if you don't have a business account set up to obscure that info, you could very well dox yourself

Listening to fitness advice from people who experience runner's high is like listening to dating advice from hot people.

Hello and fuck you to the neighbor that stole my little Black Lives Matter sign

a lot of white people are bothered by people of color just, like, having fun. Vibing. Chilling. Existing. It's bizarre. Don't you like fun?

worker shortages are fake. people want to work. if employers raise the salary and improve safety standards. boom. goes. the. applicant. line.

my self driving car just announced that my freeway exit is premium drm content that requires a software update, and it is waiting for wifi. i tried to play a cd i burned and the car gave me a copyright strike and replaced it with royalty-free elevator music. every time i want to check the speedometer i have to watch a commercial for liberty mutual. i'm eating cheetos from the racetrac and now the fingerprint reader doesn't recognize my input so the car has put me in guest user mode, adjusting the side mirrors and seat for a much shorter person. it keeps driving away in the middle of the night and coming back with lipstick stains on its side mirror

I'm clearing out my closets, nooks, and crannies, and I have a #Wacom Intuos I don't use. I can't find the cord for it, but the pen is attached and it all works just fine.

If anyone would be interested in buying it, lmk! :boost_ok:

Athens, Georgia’s local government is doing some sort of reparations for a black neighborhood that was cleared out in 1960s “urban renewal.” First reparations of any kind in Georgia in anyone’s memory, quite possibly since Reconstruction. Friends & comrades from orgs I used to organize with have been very involved in making this happen. I’m extremely proud.

Your desires,
Whether or not you achieve them
Will determine who you become.

Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

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