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Announcing the Become The Media film festival from the Ellijay makerspace.

Our first annual fall film fest!

Recommended 15 minutes or less, required 4:3/standard definition. Remote submissions are welcome, tell your friends.

Like even if he was β€œimitating” someone (I don’t read one piece I have no idea what this characters deal is) he still asked to be referred to as male and with he/him pronouns. There is no not-transphobic reason to deny someone this, regardless of their intentions lol

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kiddo made his first crafty art project at daycare today and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry [with joy] when he gives me it

"When I was younger, I never understood why people thought sex was such a big deal. I felt like I could easily live my whole life without it, and I'd never miss it. But sometimes I'd wonder: was an important part of me missing?"

Today's Oh Joy Sex Toy comic, "What Ace Means to Me", by Ell J Walker:

didn't intend to end my last Signs of the Soujourner run by retiring to the countryside with the robot farmer, but I'm not mad about it either

Happy Birthday to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. πŸŽ‚β€‹

I'm the wrong one to be drafting salary proposals to send to hiring managers cos I'm like YEAH FUCK YEAH GIVE THIS PERSON MONEY I KNOW YOU GOT IT

Nap went on longer than I thought, but I feel better.

I was expecting to be woken up by a phone call again, but nothing happened. 😭

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I hate One Piece 

lol @ being mad about a translation when there's this egregious bullshit to be mad about instead

LB: sent that to a friend who's huge into Dune

friend: good lord
me: uwu bawwon hawkonnen
friend: y'all motherfuckers need shai'hulud

gender quiz 

"secret good dean winchester.
shut the fuck up about how much you dont like supernatural on my post. i dont care. openly genderweird. wears band tees. see KD artsy-fartsy-trash on tumblr for images. its about the masculinity and the leather jackets and the crop tops and the stompy womens boots. go put on some dangly earrings and tell your internalized homophobia to go fuck itself you hottie."

tfw you want to send someone encouragement but you're not sure you're cool with them like that and don't want to come off creepy or the bad kind of weird

Ann Leckie 🀝 Seth Dickinson 🀝 Joon Ha-Lee 🀝 Tamsyn Muir 🀝 Arkady Martine

What if...anti-imperialist lesbians

all this signaling about who is a "real worker" is just horseshit, everyones job is bullshit in this society because your job only exists to make money for people who pay you

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