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kin onion: complete!

liberties taken: I put 2 characters in the 3rd ring when they should prob be in the 2nd, but this is aesthetically more pleasing so here we are

Mae art:

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learning that my overwhelming vibe is "she-wolf motivated by love and capable of great violence"

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DMV: ...


I heard there was a secret glitch
That David showed his fans on Twitch
But you don't really care for speedruns do ya?
It goes like this--sprint forth, step back,
The double jump, the strong attack,
The baffled physics passing walls right through ya

i have no idea what i’m doing and you can’t stop me

A friend wrote this and even with the (ironically?) hyperbolic title I appreciate how the point here is articulated more precisely than I've usually seen: that modern social media doesn't just have an addictive self-loathing baked into it, but that it specifically relies on competitive identity definition. (Before you share this, bear in mind that Mastodon isn't immune to the phenomena described here; even without being algorithmic, it's a Twitter-like experience.)

desantis kidnappings 

pretty clear that there is no word for what happened here other than kidnapping

does anyone else have fatigue fatigue because damn i am tired of being tired

Semi-regular reminder to watch Littlefeather refuse an Oscar on Marlon Brando’s behalf. Still probably the greatest “incident” at an awards show I’ve ever seen. And the abuse she received afterward was completely disgusting but I don’t think she ever regretted it or felt like she was part of a publicity stunt or anything. She’s one of my heroes forever.

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I feel that I may not mention enough that I have a 24 hour internet radio station that plays soft rock, citypop, and smooth r&b from the 70s and 80s at

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day one: the taciturn guardian signifies something in your life that needs tender protection and care
reversed: it is time to let things go

day two: the impious oracle can mean that you feel judged or ridiculed for steps you are taking in your life
reversed: you are the cause of your own discord

#inktober #artober #mastoart

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1. Getting rid of the deadly, highly communicable respiratory disease

The Cantalloc Aqueducts, built by the Nazca people in the Peruvian desert 1,500 years ago, are still in use today. The uniquely shaped holes allow wind to blow into a series of underground canals, forcing water from underground aquifers into areas where it is most needed.

Studio suggestions for replacement title for American Graffiti

Grouchy, no one here, teacher shortage discourse US 

A thing that annoys me is seeing academics talk about a teacher shortage and apply it to academia

The teacher shortage discourse is specifically around k12 public schools, and we shouldn't co-opt it to talk about academic issues

K12 public schools are being attacked in a very specific way and solidarity with public school educators especially those in states where they're under attack is essential

i will never become hinged. we goin off the rails baybee

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