Does anyone have any recommendations for dvd's or blu-rays with stellar commentary or maybe just some great special features?

I just saw The Black Book starring Brittney Murphy. I remember the poster and adverts from when i was a youth. I thought it looked really good but other movies playing at that time got my priority. I saw it on DVD and It was a great movie!

@pizza_pal Have you tried Beef and pineapple from Little Caesars?

I hope some can appreciate this. It is a David Winter Cottage. I have always liked them ever since I was a child.

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Good morning Party People, and welcome to the middle of the week

There was something about this poster that just just grabbed me.
What do you all think?

I remember viewing Romero & Juliet 1996 with my oldest brother when I was in my early years of elementary. I couldn't understand any of it then. It was like it was in a foreign language. Later when I was in my 3rd year in high school it was played in our English class. I still couldn't understand much of the dialogue. Now in my early 30s my vocabulary allows for me to understand chucks of the movie.

Paper Towns 4k UHD is 4.99 on Amazon right now.

Does anyone have any strong opinions on Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against Disney? I would be interested. It reminds me of the Metallica Napster case.

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I pick these up to familiarize myself a little bit with exploitation film. It is something I don't know to much about and is rarely ever talked about.

I just finished The Professional after buying this movie poster! What a beautiful film. I find it strange that I use the word beautiful to characterize such themes.

Rated PG, I pick this up on eBay after hearing Elizabeth Olsen mentioned It.

I picked these up on EBay. The Cover Me VHS is rated R and is from Paramount. There is also a video game version called Blue Heat rated M. The other is Vanishing Point. I got it on VHS because it wasn't on Amazon Prime and the used VHS was the cheapest way to buy it.

I plan on watching them soon!

I'm back guys & girls. Sorry I have been keeping off due to the embarrassment for not reporting back on Star Wars Episodes episodes 1&2. I have been putting off because I not really a Starwars fan. I did buy them on a Amazon sell. On a side note I did acquire a VCR and am looking to apply for film schools with in the United States so If anyone has any recommendations I would be love to read them. I love a good motto and mascot!


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Preliminary Star Wars Rankings:

1. 4
2. 5
3. 8
4. 6
5. 7
6. 3
7. 1
8. 9
9. 2

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