LOL i just looked at the oscar nominations. what in the holy christ, this is a shitshow

jojo rabbit for best picture, huh. jokester too. really. god damn

@LarryDavis I don't mind jojo rabbit being there but charlize theron in bombshell? not to mention no de niro for best actor

pacino was just doing Standard Pacino and his accent was all over the place

god all these noms for joker are baffling. best actor for Joaquin? sure, absolutely. possibly winner overall

but thats the only good thing in the movie. the scores alright i guess

@LarryDavis yeah, best cinematography? god no. I have this awful feeling it's gonna sweep

i think it wont get anything apart from maybe best actor and UOATIH will win everything else, because the academy loooooooooves movies about hollywood

lol i got to the bottom and was like "oh right Knives Out is a movie. what the fuck"

i havent seen it but i feel confident in saying its better than almost every other movie nominated

@LarryDavis @Spacedrake i remember thinking how much i didn't like the score, writing and directing while i was watching it and it's a testament to how much joaquin owns that he carried a bleh movie into being pretty enjoyable entirely on his back

@lennie @Spacedrake
i thought the score was alright, it was just used way too heavily, but idk if thats the composers fault

@lennie @Spacedrake
the stair dance part is also bizarre

i have to assume they had some other song in mind and had to replace it, because rock and roll part 2 doesnt sync up with it at all, in any way. it seems more like a bad youtube edit than the edits many of us have made

@LarryDavis @Spacedrake yeah that was also my issue with it which maybe is the director's fault instead

@LarryDavis hmm probably true actually but I think they both deserve to be there. pacino brought so much energy to that film and really made the relationships he had with frank's family work, imo

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