jesus christ, theyre going to try to remake Face/Off

you cant do that you assholes, that movie is only beloved because it was a perfect storm of two incredible cheeseball actors combined with John Woo before he stopped giving a shit

@LarryDavis this should be remade by the same cast with the same director but in the near-future setting dropped from the original because it was too expensive.

@fresh_newlook look they had the magnet-boots prison that would later be reused for Super Mario Bros (1993), what more do you want

@LarryDavis if there's one thing we all know for sure it's that john travolta in a futuristic setting is box office gold.

@LarryDavis also face/off (1997) stealing the futuristic prison from Super Mario Bros (1993) is entirely likely, since they knew they'd get away with it

@fresh_newlook yeah thats right i have been awake for about 30 hours i apologize for this bungle

they literally are the same boot props though

@LarryDavis that totally makes sense since Face/Off was an exercise in cost cutting

@fresh_newlook they spent the whole budget on those gold pistols Castor Troy had

@LarryDavis I can’t think of any actor that would be better than Nic Cage in that role. Why do this?

@LarryDavis I am mad now. Thanks.

This is literally one of my all time fave movies because it knows what it is and doesn't try to pretend it's anything else/ a serious "film"

its going to be the Point Break remake all over again. itll come out, suck, and everyone will forget it even happened about 2 weeks after release

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