what the FUCK theres a trailer for Bloodshot and Vincent Diesel is NOT painted white. why even bother


@healyn @LarryDavis he lives within what i refer to as the Gogginsverse of working actors who shows up in nearly everything for at least like 5 mins

@LarryDavis @healyn real mistake having the master of playing crooks and weirdos John Hawkes next to Mos Def, a subpar actor at best because it just outlines the huge disparity between their abilities

@tasnyx @taweret @LarryDavis looking on Out of Sight's IMDB page, i see someone was named "Bank Teller" which is ridiculous to me

@LarryDavis Danny DeVito was genetically engineered to wear a top hat in Tim Burton movies :blobcoffeeraccoon: @taweret

I saw Be Cool first, btw, and had no idea it was a sequel to anything. I was too young to see a movie where they say the fuck word a whole lot, but I could watch a pg-13 movie where about half the jokes were “the Rock is gay”

Rewatched Get Shorty. It’s still so good

I will likely never rewatch Be Cool. It will stay in 2005 or whenever where it belongs

spoiler, new Batman movie: 

@j997922 this is so funny to me on account of how many fucked up horse dicks i have seen in my relatively short life

@LarryDavis @healyn @derek oh i see you cant respect a man dedicated to the craft of acting? typical..

Yes, Rachel, I’ll take a vowel, a consonant, uhhh, another vowel, two more consonants...

@healyn @LarryDavis Dope Batman is gonna be dc's new breakout character. He's like Batman but Dope

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