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look, i might get cancelled for this, but I'm just gonna say it: Hobbits shouldn't be allowed to vote

*when I can finally see my friends again after social distancing is repealed*
look's like meet's back on the menu, boys

going Gollum mode (eating bugs and worms, smashing peoples heads with rocks)

I'd really like to rewatch The Lord of the Rings now that I have the knowledge that Gollum wasn't a real person, he was actually CGI

Arrival from the good folks at Hamilton Book. This is called “Going Derek Mode”

remember how Darth Maul showed up at the end of Solo?


@Thomas did you see Criterion Channel has added a bunch of obscure Jackie Chan movies?

one of the kids playing outside my window just yelled at his mate 'over here you big buffoon'

Gonna become one of those freaks who rates every movie I see, as if anyone gives a shit that I thought They Call Me Mister Tibbs was 3 stars at best

"Jack and Jill reveals that Sandler’s best comedies (Grown Ups, Bedtime Stories, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and the great Spanglish) are really love stories. He explores affection without the class and gender guilt Judd Apatow hides behind (the distraction scuttled Apatow’s grandiose Funny People). Sandler’s willingness to appear “dumb” is what makes his films so cathartic. He thrives on being unembarrassed–the key to classic comedy going back to the Greeks."

(on Unstoppable) “Denzel and Tony Pull a Train.
A runaway train flick for the masses.“

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armond white quotes thread. drop em if you got em

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