Getting kicked out of the fuck party for introducing myself as “President of the Dan Hedaya Fan Club”

George Cosmatos (Panos's dad), however, is 100% in the Cable Movie Hall of Fame, and all his plaque says is "COBRA. RAMBO II. TOMBSTONE."

other Cable Movie Hall of Famers: Tony Scott, Chuck Russell, Stephen Sommers, Jan de Bont, Stephen Herek, Roland Emmerich, Ben Stiller, Penelope Spheeris

**me, leaning over and pointing to the third-act twist in The Prestige** that's the prestige

Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Self Agency the Wise? It's not a story that Eugen would tell you.

Mindhunter s2e1 

Party People! Put your motherfucking hands together for our newest member, @kate!

if anyone complains to me that a movie is too long they dont know who theyre talking to

The Matrix 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-

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