Just watched The Last Black Man in San Francisco, because it’s on Amazon streaming now

Really great, highly recommend it

(Cc @horrowfide )

still reeling that the Morbius movie is actually happening

LOL i just looked at the oscar nominations. what in the holy christ, this is a shitshow

@LarryDavis Wikipedia synopsis lists Vin Diesel as playing "Marine Ray Garrison" and it's great because of the way the name is laid out, your not immediately sure if Marine is their first name or the title of what they are or if they're a marine who belong to the Ray Garrison

i'm guessing he will only look like that for the last 10 minutes of the movie, but that's more than i expected

i would like to retract my previous statements about Bloodshot because the new trailer does in fact feature Vin Diesel painted white

looking forward to it

@horrowfide @LarryDavis @Thomas i am in the top 5 masto Ghost Dog stans, because i don't think more than 5 people on this site have seen Ghost Dog

it rules how in the special features of Joker Todd Phillips shows his whole ass and admits he had no idea what he was doing

No, Best Buy, I will not leave a review of Hellboy 4K Director’s Cut for reward points

If people don’t already know it rules, that’s their problem

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