Wow, Arnold's been pretty busy since stepping down as governor

TIL that there was a 1995 made-for-TV adaptation of Harrison Bergeron starring Sean Astin, also Eugene Levy, Howie Mandel, and Christopher Plummer. And pre-prequels Hayden Christansen.

God, what a pitch-perfect movie.

At risk of sounding like the Old that I am, they don't make movies like that anymore

(do they? Being an Old without kids, I am almost completely out of touch with the current state of big goofy action movies)

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The Running Man, spoilers 

this is such a weird role for Yaphet Kotto.

I mean, it's kind of a weird superfluous character in general, other than the prison-break at hte very beginning, Laughlin is just kinda in some scenes but not impacting the story in any way until he gets killed off. At least Weiss gets to hack the uplink thingy

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The dancers are probably a weird touch if you grew up without Solid Gold, which ended its run only a year after this

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Bladerunner, set in 2019, was grim and bleak and hopeless but at least there was no inescapable 24/7 fox news equivalent blaring from every screen

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Arnold looks good in a beard, was he ever bearded for an entire film?

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Watching the opening crawl of The Running Man (1987), which is set in fictional near-future dystopia 2017 and it is frankly upsetting how well it describes aspects of the actual 2017

1992 Austin Powers learning about 9/11 would be the funniest thing ever put on film.

No surprises in this one, but it knows not to wear out its welcome and it's a pleasant enough way to spend 82 minutes.

It's one of those classical era films that has a workaday, almost assembly line feel to it, which isn't a bad thing, just a different vibe.

I didn't realize this was the fourth film adaptation of "The Lodger' - the best known being a 1927 silent version by Alfred Hitchcock, which would probably be an interesting watch.

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Not sure I've ever seen a movie with a carriage chase now that I think about it 🤔

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The Man in the Attic, Rear Window vague spoilers 

This is a pretty fun movie so far, i wouldn’t call it a comedy but it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has that feeling of everybody knowing exactly what kind of movie they’re making.

I’m a sucker for the Rear Window style “did he actually do it or is everyone just working themselves up” tension.

Slade is a weirdo but it’s still a toss up as to whether he turns out to be a brilliant private detective or something in the end

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And now there’s a song and dance number with 1950s music and scantily clad women 🤔

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Watching ‘The Man In The Attic’ (1953) and having some cognitive dissonance about Aunt Bee showing up as a Victorian Englishwoman.

Great black and white noir/horror cinematography so far, and Jack Palance is handsome and mysteriously creepy

Snowpiercer, Spoilerish I guess 

This film is not subtle about its message but I like that they leave it to the viewer to decide where on the spectrum of "Utterly batshit insane" and "Utterly sociopathic and corrupted by wealth" and "Is there actually any difference between the two" Wilford and everyone else in the front of the train are

Tilda Swinton, of course, steals every scene she's in.

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I am bracing myself for a bleak soul crushing ending to this.

Or a “hollow victory” ending at best

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There’s also the fact that on the heels of Total Recall I can’t help but imagine the alternate universe where Snowpiercer was an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie released in 1989 because this silly ass concept is exactly the kind of thing they might have made on the heels of The Running Man

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I’m working my way through Snowpiercer for the first time and feeling like action/sci-fi movies didn’t used to be so *harrowing* all the time. But then I wonder if that’s just me slowly turning into an old fart

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