On a total whim I googled "KK Slider Death Grips" and the internet was too powerful to disappoint

If a soccer game goes 20 minutes overtime and it's still 0-0, they should just electrify the field and kill all the player instantly

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You're laughing? The Rugrats are trapped in Paris, and you're laughing?

[Zizek voice] "And the roadrunner does not fall for *sniff sniff* the wall painting. Instead, *sniff* the coyote runs into the painting, himself believing that there is depth. This is ideology."

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Lately I've been killing time simulating baseball games with a pack of cards and now you can too blog.derekgodin.com/baccarat-b

The moment you set an action movie in a tall building, it suddenly automatically has perfect story structure. That's a fact.

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Love that "caveman shit" is a searchable tag on Bandcamp...

Throwback to me at age 12 upvoting YouTube comments on Green Day music videos saying "actually they're not sell outs because if they didn't sell out just because of what people would think, then that would be selling out so they're not sell outs." What a lib

Soldiers in video games: It sure is lucky this village was completely evacuated before we started doing team death match in it!

Soldiers irl: hey dude check me out im gonna shoot that kid hiding behind that dumpster from way over here

4 years later I can confirm that WORRY. by Jeff Rosenstock is the best album

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Or a big snake robot that has a red lightsaber for a tongue. Yeahhh

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Star Wars could be better written in a lot of ways but if Disney just introduces a character with lightsabers for arms, I'll shut up about everything

Doctor: I'm sorry mam, your son is... Online
Mom: [cries]

LOL Obama just said that this was one of his favorite shows of 2020. Shut the fuck up bitch

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The only "definitive" version of a movie is the version of Son of the Mask (2005) that had green CGI sperm cells with faces that was removed from the DVD

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Even if the director says that one version is 100% the version they intended, that doesn't actually mean it's the best one

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I think I and a lot of people have an irrational fear of not seeing the "definitive" version of a movie but movies are out there being like "Theatrical, Director's Cut, Extended Edition, Letterbox aspect ratio, IMAX aspect ratio, Open Matte version, Special Edition!!!"

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