Love that the Quark Minecraft mod asks you to pause for the amount of time George Floyd was suffocated when you first launch the game and how mad that makes some people. (It's skippable)

I like night mode not because it's gentler on my eyes but because I feel like I'm in the secret cool kid pillow forts of the internet

I want to be on the level of people who know where the Insert key is without looking and use it regularly

I say this knowing that Avatar 2 will make a trillion dollars when it comes out in 2052 because we live in hell

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The Avatar sequel is taking the bold strategy of assuming that this generation's children will be told what Avatar is

not enough cool visualization tools for fedi, imo. It's such an interesting network! There are so many cool charts and maps you could make!

Just realized how little views Laura Crone gets on YouTube. She does analysis/critique of movies. I like her Magic Mike vid a lot about how you can tell it's not "Female Gaze." If you haven't checked out her stuff, you totally should

Boost this if you're a simpleton I've just enlightened (should be a lot of boosts!)

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Can video essayists stop doing that slow style of narration like they think their audience is a bunch of dumb fucks getting their mind blown by every word of their genius

Lord and Miller talking about how their movies are basically an open forum with the crew

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Schrodinger's Awkward Moment: A normal silence that only becomes awkward when someone says "Well this is awkward"

Two dudes chillin in a hot tub, Six feet apart cause its proper social distancing

Fucking hell i already redrafted this once and i just caught "peoblem"

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Hey guys, it's my birthday give me boosts

Christopher McQuarrie has also talked about how he would rely on his actors to look out for their characters on MI: Fallout and make sure that they're being done justice because he couldn't do that while handling the entire story from a bird's eye view.

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I think you could make a really good case that movies "written by committee" aren't the problem people think they are. The peoblem is rich people making committees of hacky generic white guy screenwriters who all have the same set of skills. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have spoken at length about how their movies would've fallen apart if they hadn't included every single artist on set (animators/actors/editors) in the story decisions.

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