Wanda: "Maybe I am the villain"
The show: Oh, no. Nah nah, we're just gonna introduce a villain that's pure evil for no reason and you're gonna say "Yowza, at least I'm better than that guy!"

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Just finished WandaVision. It sucked but not a lot. Just like normal Marvel suck with less fun dialogue.

I haven't watched the latest season but a friend tells me it's not good. It's probably overstayed its welcome.

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Rick and Morty is fine but I hope Dan Harmon can go back to making less sardonic stuff relatively soon

My dumb ass really just googled how many quarters are in a football game

Video essayists will say "i know I'm butchering the pronunciation of that name". Like bro this is pre-recorded, you can literally google how to say a name

I made a composited hi-res panorama and youtube decided that it should be cropped like this

Mastodon should have a Favorite Instances tab where you can select a handful of instances to combine into a timeline. Sounds much nicer than just making alts on instances that interest me, which is what I've been doing.

Liberals have FORCIBLY SILENCED Gina Carano which is why from now on I'm withholding all of my dollars from Disney, which is of course a meaningless gesture not intended to influence at all the politics of Disney! That would be wrong!

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Uh oh, you posted about a movie? Big mistake 😈

Can't wait for the follow up to that The Shining spin off, Doctor Real Shit

John Mulaney is the tallest Hobbit I've ever seen

Grrr, I hate the elites! [shakes fist in the air] anyway back to supporting the system that produced them

I s2g if a sub that uses the word "tendies" in every other comment actually gets some rich people prosecuted

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