Sense8, pandemic 

I finished watching "Sense8" on netflix last night. That show rocked my world.

If you enjoy all things queer, schlock, hokeyness, sci-fi, and/or bonkers fight scenes, this show is so up your alley that it is literally at your front door.

The finale particularly gave me my first big catharsis cry since the pandemic started. Thank you Lana and Lilly Wachowski. Thank you thank you thank you. Y'all inspire me so fucking much.

Film school, Mention of sexism, cursing 

I Started college classes today as a junior, majoring in Film!... Had to suffer through pretentious movie related small talk at the beginning of my first class, dominated by cis-white sexist film bros who act like Christiopher Nolan is Jesus fucking Christ. Made me want to throw myself into the ocean. It's gonna be a long semester...🙃

Movie praise; movie involving alcohol; dancing 

HOLY SHIT YALL; I finally watched "Another Round." That movie rips. The last ten minutes especially are a blast. MADS MIKKELSEN IS HOT AND ALSO CAN GET IT. I mean did you SEE those dance moves? A truly lovely last movie to watch in 2020.

Anyway, happy new year to all my movie people. May this year bring health, mutual aid, revolution, and CINEMA BAAABBEEEYYYYYYY!!!!

"Sense8" Spoilers, cops 

Still watching "Sense8," still can't get over how much it slaps.

I YELLED when Nomi is escaping from the cops and A.) Sun/Will take over her body to help her fight and B.) Capheus takes over her body to help her drive like hell to escape.

I love that this show is about human connection and solidarity in the face of oppressive systems and I Stan it SO MUCH. God bless you Wachowski sisters.


Damn, applying for remote film jobs is exhausting.

Anybody know of anyone who needs a part time remote screenwriter, film critic, production assistant, or storyboard artist? I'm like ENTRY LEVEL on all of those fronts but hey, a person can dream.

Anyway, nobody actually feel any obligation to answer the latter question if you don't want to. It was kind of a half rhetorical shout into the void.😅

Recently I started watching (and loving) "Sense8" by The Wachowskis, our lovely comrades in the tv/film industry, and I realized that one of the characters (imaged below) looks SO much like podcaster/film critic Emily Yoshida; it is uncanny, bonkers, and kind of hilarious.😂

Hi everybody! I Just wanted to make an introduction on this instance! I'm Noah, I'm 25, a film/tv dweeb, and an Anarchist who adores all things Kelly Reichardt and "Steven Universe." I'm an aspiring filmmaker/film critic and I am so jazzed to be part of a community of fellow film lovers! Thanks for reading! See you around.😀


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