@derek is it at all possible for me to get another invite to laserdisc so I can delete this account and make one that’s just @evan?

what does everyone here think of Dawn of the Dead (2004) trying to prove a point...

guess what else is good? The score from Mandy. it’s freakin epic

me logging on to laserdisc: In Heaven Everything Is Fine

anyway the only movies from this year I have left on my list now are Hereditary and Eighth Grade

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most movies are too afraid to even try half of the stuff Mandy pulls off

I have no idea why Tom Hardy decided that Eddie Brock had to have the same voice as Charlie from Always Sunny

I’m seeing Venom tonight... I’ll report back

I've been on laserdisc.party for like 10 minutes and I'm already shit talking

@derek is there any way to change your username on here?

An toot for my account on laserdisc.party!

My name is Jessica. I've been a movie obsessive ever since I watched Vertigo with my mom when I was 5 and had the living hell scared out of me by the scene with nun.

I'm trans and have a probably unhealthy obsession with trans movies, even though 99% are super transphobic

My favorite filmmakers are Soderbergh, De Palma, Altman, Mizoguchi, Welles, Hitchcock, Bong Joon Ho, Nicholas Ray, Antony Mann, and Ozu.

Plz follow me! I'm cute!!!!!

Everybody give it up for the newest member of Laserdisc Party, @Jessica !

when this movie gets going it gets going. the whole series is extremely underrated imo

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The First Purge (fourth movie) spoilers 

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